Friday, July 04, 2008

A New Line

So my sister's hubby is a pretty awesome guy. For those of you who don't know him, we lived in Provo at the same time while going to school, and my roommates and I hung out with him and his friends for a long time. We went to shows and saw The Aquabats!, Spitball, Chump, etc. It was sweet! Anyways, he ended up marrying my sister and now we get to be friends for a long time :) So B has decided to start a new clothing label and I just went to the website. I thought I would give it a little plug here on my humble blog. It's I'm thinking that M needs a little skater T-shirt to bash around in. Go check it out when you get a sec!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well it's official...

...I'm pregnant and allowed to tell people. I'm hitting 12 weeks on Wednesday, but today I had my appointment and the Doppler thingy picked up a heartbeat. Phew! I haven't advertised this, but I miscarried last November and so I was nervous that I would again this time. However, this time there was happy news :)

We will find out what we're having in August sometime. If it's a girl: Zooey Lyn or Edith Lyn (Edie for short), or if it's a boy: Eli James. We're quite decisive. Surprising, I know. No jokes about if I'm still considering "Pencil" or "Seven (Evan for short)".

Symptoms: tired all the time!, nauseous some of the time, dizzy almost all the time. Craving: Taco Bell bean burritos with lots of red sauce, nectarines, zesty pickles (such a cliche, but does this count as a craving if I eat these regularly?), and various soups. Telling M: he sometimes thinks he has a baby in his belly, and he sometimes says he wants to poke/hit the baby. Yikes! When I'm due: January 16th, but I had M 10 days early.