Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things M Says (Part 44)

This morning, before school:

M: I can't find my other Croc.
me: Well, that's why you need to put your shoes away when you take them off.  Now you need to go look around all the weird places like under your bed and in the yellow room.
M, walking back: Mom, you were right!  It was under my bed!
me: See?  I knew it!  Why do you think I have a "shoe pile" over there?
M: ...
me: Why do you think I tell you to put your shoes in the pile every day?
M (thinking): So that everyone will know where their shoes are.
me: Exactly.
M (thinking some more): Wow, it's like I'm at school right now, because I'm learning.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things E Says (Part 12)

We work on pronunciation with E a lot, because of the cleft.  This is my favorite:

me: Say "one more t-t-t-tiiiime"
E: One more I-i-i-i-ime!

Things E Says (Part 11)

75 times a day:

E: Mama, wook!

Things M Says (Part 43)

This morning before school, with a new Wii from Christmas at our house.

M: My ear really hurts.  I think I need to stay home and rest my ear.
me: So you need to stay home and lay in bed and read?  If you're sick you have to let your body rest and lay in bed.  You won't be playing the Wii or watching TV and movies.
M: I think my ear would be okay if I was playing the Wii...
me: Maybe, but if you're sick then you need to lay in bed.
M (walking away): I think my ear is feeling a little better...