Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Watching Food, Inc.

You can watch Food, Inc. on Netflix for free. I just (finally! sorry Brian/Uncle Bones!) finished watching it on my DVR after recording it on PBS last week. Perhaps it will be on again? Go check, I highly recommend it.

I am really loving the rallying force this movie has been. It is shedding light on what a lot of us intrinsically know. The anger is even good, because you can harness it into personal changes that grow into local changes.

I especially love that Michael Pollan (from Food, Inc.) said on Oprah a few weeks back something to the effect of "we can make a political decision three times a day, for each meal and what we decide to spend our money on".

Monday, April 26, 2010

Things E Says (Part Five)

E: "miwwww!!" (milk)

Things E Says (Part Four)

E: "wa-wa!!" (water)

Things M Says (Part 22)

R and M like to play "bucking bronco" where R tries to shake M off his back onto the bed. M loves this game! But he doesn't remember to call it "bucking bronco". He sometimes says "brucking bronco", but even funnier, he usually says "bruck and bronco" which cracks me up.

Things M Says (Part 21)

M: "I want to be an ant scientist."
R: "Well, that is called an 'entomologist'."
M: "Yeah, I want to be an antomologist."

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Things M Says (Part 20)

While at the park this weekend, getting a drink from the drinking fountain with R:

R: "Let's get a drink."
M: "I don't think I can reach it."
R: "Well, one of them is lower."
M: "Slower?"
R: "No, lower."
M: "You need to be more pespific." (Specific.)
R, thinking: (Sheesh.)

Is anyone surprised to find that this is something I say to M a lot? "M, please be more specific. I don't know what 'this' means." Now it has been turned back on us. It was only a matter of time.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things E Says (Part Three)

Crawling over with a ball: "Ba! Ba! Ba!"

Things E Says (Part Two)

E (while waving): "Haa!"

He says hi like he's from the South or something.

A newer development, also while waving: "Baa!"

Again, as if from the South.

Things M Says (Part 19)

At my friend's house:

me: "M, it's time to go home, go find your shoes."
M: "No! Shut up!"
me: "If you say shut up you will have a time out in the car, strapped in to your car seat, when we get home."
M: "Grrrr."
me: "C'mon, come get your shoes."
M: "I feel like if I walk over to get my shoes, I will say 'shut up' again."
me: "Well, if you don't get your shoes then you will also have a time out strapped into your car seat when we get home. So just try not to say shut up and go get your shoes."
M: "Well, we have a problem."

I am so glad M couldn't see my face at the time, because I barely held in a laugh. M has some good emotional intelligence going on.