Sunday, April 16, 2006

M experienced his first egg hunt on saturday. here he is picking his egg up which happens to match the color of his shirt for this photo-op. it took some mild convincing that the egg was more important than say, eating handfuls of grass or picking up sticks to examine closely. he also enjoyed his paper bag/easter basket which made lots of noise on the long drive home from the church. all in all, a lovely warm, sunny day to "find" 2 plastic eggs and eat the starbursts that were found inside :) Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Apparel

so there's this new store down at the really congested part of ann arbor where you have to parallel park and pay the meter, etc. but i still like going down to that area, even after all the car hassles, because they have neat stuff around there. example: American Apparel. it's this cool store that was started in LA and it's sweatshop free, which makes me feel good. but the thing i like best is that you walk in and it's like hanes stuff out of it's packaging. there are simple types of shirts in all sizes and in every color, and they're all together. and then there's skirts, pants, etc. there's even a little baby area where you can get onesies that aren't white or pastel!

i think that whole idea really appeals to me on an OCD level where i get satisfaction just knowing that everything is accounted for. you know, the every color, every size, every style, all on it's individual rack, and all in this clean little warehouse type store with just racks of clothes and hardwood floors and cool photographs everywhere. who knows why, but very satisfying to this eye :) plus it doesn't hurt that it's right across the street from Potbelly's which is the bestest sandwich shop EVER! so yeah, i did both of those things with R and M on st. patrick's day, and an funny drunk guy told us how cute M was while we were in line for a sandwich after the shopping. good times.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

getting married

so my very good friend Shashi is getting married! she's dated another good friend for a long time, since high school really, and he proposed to her this week! said proposal was in san diego where they both live and work and go to school (and live right by the beach=jealousy from me). in relaying the story of the proposal, shashi talked about making a commitment, a really real commitment, and then seeing a host of events happen because of it. i love to hear stories like this. you know, about things falling into place, stories about finally seeing the whole of a situation and the ease of understanding settling comfortably over everything. it's happened before to me. and maybe that's a litle philosophical for 7 am, but oh well. it's sort of given me a desire to seek that on my own again. M is such a wonderful little person, but when he first got here it was quite the adjustment. i didn't feel too much ease at the beginning. but that gradually changed, and recently i feel like i'm where i should be with M and R and michigan and being a mom. the clarity is returning. so i guess this morning i'm just thankful shashi notices things like that, and can put them easily. it's made me a grateful-for-my-tiny-family-even-though-i'm-sleepy K this morning. and on top of it, i'm so happy for shashi and spencer! congratulations to you both! and i love you both so much :)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

first haircut Posted by Picasa

in the overalls Posted by Picasa

New with M

  1. M is learning how to chew little stars for the first time, while making his signature bad face! He also endured having his mom get way too excited about the weather getting slightly warmer (like in the 50s) and immediately popping him into his cute little overalls! I couldn't help myself, it was something i've wanted to do for a long time. and a few weeks before, R and i documented his very first haircut complete with up close hair display. However, these three pictures are all a little overdue, since as i'm looking at them, i'm realizing that they're a few weeks old. but here he is recently anyway.
  2. in other M news, this child has the best internal clock i've ever seen. first of all, he handles travelling to CA and AZ really well, which is quite the time zone change from all the way out here in the Eastern Time Zone. but we'll get where we're going, and he just goes to sleep or wakes up according to local time as if it's no problem at all. meanwhile, R and i are all messed up for days. so, the most recent reminder of his extraordinary ability was last night with the time change. i thought i would try putting him down for bed and hour early so that when we lost the hour at night he would wake up at the correct new time. i didn't really expect my plan to work (i.e. tossing and turning for an hour and then falling asleep or something like that), but it did. he fell asleep early and woke up perfectly on time. so that means that i am currently writing this with a little person happily crawling around my feet :)
  3. in some non-miles related news, i am reading a book right now called The Trial which is sort of like reading a series of dreams. so far i've only read a few chapters, but they're strange. the premise of the book is that a man is arrested and is unable to find out why, even by the people arresting him. he then tries to find out and etc, read the book yourself. in other book thoughts, i just reread Catcher in the Rye for the first time since high school and subsequently realized that i didn't really pay attention when i read it the first time. but i thoroughly enjoyed it this time through. the book is hilarious, but i think i was too young and shocked by the evil swear words to enjoy it the first time. good old high school...