Tuesday, April 11, 2006

American Apparel

so there's this new store down at the really congested part of ann arbor where you have to parallel park and pay the meter, etc. but i still like going down to that area, even after all the car hassles, because they have neat stuff around there. example: American Apparel. it's this cool store that was started in LA and it's sweatshop free, which makes me feel good. but the thing i like best is that you walk in and it's like hanes stuff out of it's packaging. there are simple types of shirts in all sizes and in every color, and they're all together. and then there's skirts, pants, etc. there's even a little baby area where you can get onesies that aren't white or pastel!

i think that whole idea really appeals to me on an OCD level where i get satisfaction just knowing that everything is accounted for. you know, the every color, every size, every style, all on it's individual rack, and all in this clean little warehouse type store with just racks of clothes and hardwood floors and cool photographs everywhere. who knows why, but very satisfying to this eye :) plus it doesn't hurt that it's right across the street from Potbelly's which is the bestest sandwich shop EVER! so yeah, i did both of those things with R and M on st. patrick's day, and an funny drunk guy told us how cute M was while we were in line for a sandwich after the shopping. good times. www.americanapparel.net

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