Thursday, April 06, 2006

getting married

so my very good friend Shashi is getting married! she's dated another good friend for a long time, since high school really, and he proposed to her this week! said proposal was in san diego where they both live and work and go to school (and live right by the beach=jealousy from me). in relaying the story of the proposal, shashi talked about making a commitment, a really real commitment, and then seeing a host of events happen because of it. i love to hear stories like this. you know, about things falling into place, stories about finally seeing the whole of a situation and the ease of understanding settling comfortably over everything. it's happened before to me. and maybe that's a litle philosophical for 7 am, but oh well. it's sort of given me a desire to seek that on my own again. M is such a wonderful little person, but when he first got here it was quite the adjustment. i didn't feel too much ease at the beginning. but that gradually changed, and recently i feel like i'm where i should be with M and R and michigan and being a mom. the clarity is returning. so i guess this morning i'm just thankful shashi notices things like that, and can put them easily. it's made me a grateful-for-my-tiny-family-even-though-i'm-sleepy K this morning. and on top of it, i'm so happy for shashi and spencer! congratulations to you both! and i love you both so much :)

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