Saturday, April 01, 2006

New with M

  1. M is learning how to chew little stars for the first time, while making his signature bad face! He also endured having his mom get way too excited about the weather getting slightly warmer (like in the 50s) and immediately popping him into his cute little overalls! I couldn't help myself, it was something i've wanted to do for a long time. and a few weeks before, R and i documented his very first haircut complete with up close hair display. However, these three pictures are all a little overdue, since as i'm looking at them, i'm realizing that they're a few weeks old. but here he is recently anyway.
  2. in other M news, this child has the best internal clock i've ever seen. first of all, he handles travelling to CA and AZ really well, which is quite the time zone change from all the way out here in the Eastern Time Zone. but we'll get where we're going, and he just goes to sleep or wakes up according to local time as if it's no problem at all. meanwhile, R and i are all messed up for days. so, the most recent reminder of his extraordinary ability was last night with the time change. i thought i would try putting him down for bed and hour early so that when we lost the hour at night he would wake up at the correct new time. i didn't really expect my plan to work (i.e. tossing and turning for an hour and then falling asleep or something like that), but it did. he fell asleep early and woke up perfectly on time. so that means that i am currently writing this with a little person happily crawling around my feet :)
  3. in some non-miles related news, i am reading a book right now called The Trial which is sort of like reading a series of dreams. so far i've only read a few chapters, but they're strange. the premise of the book is that a man is arrested and is unable to find out why, even by the people arresting him. he then tries to find out and etc, read the book yourself. in other book thoughts, i just reread Catcher in the Rye for the first time since high school and subsequently realized that i didn't really pay attention when i read it the first time. but i thoroughly enjoyed it this time through. the book is hilarious, but i think i was too young and shocked by the evil swear words to enjoy it the first time. good old high school...

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