Friday, March 30, 2007

5 Telling Questions

My favorite M has a very witty, well-written blog. You should go there and partake of the funny. Also, you should read these questions she asked me (below), and see if the answers amuse you.

Name your top five movies of all time.
I'm going to have to count 3 movies as one, because they are the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I do mean the extended cuts. I'm not kidding. I don't know if it's just because I saw it recently, but I love Little Miss Sunshine. I have a special place in my heart for Hook, as well as The 'Burbs. To finish it off, I'll go with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Gene Wilder). The concept of "top five" is pretty fluid with me, by the way.

How did you come to major in dance at BYU?
I declared my major as civil engineering when filling out paperwork before leaving for BYU. Not sure why. I was told growing up that I was good at science (mostly by my family). I did well on the science reasoning section of the ACT, but other than that I'm not sure where this information came from considering that my grades were average. I think it was a misguided attempt at various family members to give me some self-esteem. Unfortunately that only works until you realize how good you actually are at something. But that's another story entirely. So after changing to microbiology upon BYU arrival I soon realized I couldn't get very good grades while also staying up until 4am most nights. Not to mention that microbiologists just sit in labs with fluorescent lighting. Which made me feel better about switching to psychology.

Now here was something I could enjoy! A nice soft science with plenty of room for self-discovery and lots of feelings. And the talking! Oh, the talking! Those of you who know me now, and especially those who knew me then, can appreciate how much of a good fit this was. (In fact, all joking aside, I'm planning on returning to school one of these days. I'm thinking of becoming some kind of counselor/therapist.)

I was missing something. Something ridiculously artistic and time-consuming. Something to be taken seriously, to pour my soul into, and to also take a chance with. I had barely any dance training, and even the training I had wasn't good, or recent. Plus I'd never done Modern dance before. But when I took my first class, I knew that I would be a part of it in any way I could. I found out that I'm an average dancer, but a good choreographer. I finally made the student choreography company after 4 consecutive semesters of being told I wasn't good enough. I've come away from the completion of my major with mixed feelings. It boils down to the love of the dancing/choreographing vs. the vast amount of selfish/difficult people you meet. It was hard. I'm still deciding how I feel about it.

What was your most unique experience working at the MOA?
Definitely when I caught the couple making out in a closed gallery. As if we wouldn't notice with all the cameras blinking around them, or care that they had clearly undone the partition to get back there. Not to mention that everyone was called into Control to watch the whole thing on camera while I took care of it, since it was my position at that hour. Cripes!

What will you miss about living in Michigan?
The diversity: lots of different foods, religions, skin colors, bumper stickers. And our good friends that live 2 doors down, who have a blog here, and quote Arrested Development as much as we do. And going on walks with (said friend) Kristen. And the falls and springs. And even the winters! And all the trees, which are everywhere. And the AADL.

*Warning, rant ahead: But NOT Bally Total Fitness, who I hate. You guys sucked before, and now you suck even more. Your new schedule is terrible. And I'm glad my contract is lapsing and I'm moving to a new place where I can join a better gym. The kind with nice people and good classes and, you know, space to work out in.

If you could be a superhero, what would your power be?
Flying, and seeing the future. I look forward sooo much to having flying dreams. It's the best feeling ever! Plus, then I could not worry so much about saving various family members from certain death, because I could foresee it and then fly to their rescue. (It seems cooler in my head, and more satisfying. But this paragraph just sounds like pretty much what Superman already does. Still.)
1. Leave me a comment saying, "I too am an egomaniac."
2. I'll respond by asking you up to five questions. You will answer them, because you like talking about yourself.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tiny Terror (in a good way)

I have prided myself on my ability to admit when I don't know something about raising a child. I'm clueless, and I'm a worrier and I over-think things. So I admit that I read books with a feverish fear of screwing M up, and then I feel better. I have faithfully worried about M ability to sleep well from the time he was only 8 weeks old. He responded really well to the ploys from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. I followed the rules, age appropriately, and found myself enjoying a sleep schedule. Joyous occasion!

I've enjoyed this schedule, though it has changed as M has grown, nearly every day of M's sleepy little life. Of course there was the flu in winter of aught 6, and the 2-3 times he decided to shock us by falling asleep at 8pm (gasp! not the usual 7pm!) after the time change. But the vast majority of nights have been uneventful, confident sleep routines that end with a sleeping ball on the TV screen of our baby monitor. And jokes about how cute he is, and shouldn't we wake him up and play with him? ha ha. But even when we joked about it, laughing heartily, it always managed to trail off into a nervous remembering chuckle of when he was younger. Colicky. Not so sleepy. We the parent zombies. Yikes.

Well, let's just say that all those jokes caught up with us. Maybe it was karma that was coming to collect it's rightful dues. Maybe it was M's understanding of our conversations, more than we realized. No matter the reason, last night was a roller coaster of worrying-mother emotion. The Boy pushed himself so far by the time we went in to get him, that he (luckily) ended up with "utter astonishment" and "head-shaking exasperation" and even "giggling tiredness" as his mother's prime emotions. Had he given up earlier in the night, he may have chanced upon some "frazzled patience" or even some "loving frustration".

Those of you who might hear this and think, "Ha! It can't be true. We've met M and he's a lovely, mellow child not capable of such shenanigans!" must please view the picture I have attached as proof of said shenanigans. I rest my case. And just in case you can't read the sticker I placed on his pajamas, it reads: "It's 11:39pm and I'm awake. And did I mention I'm a stinker?" You'll notice the content look on The Boy's face as he happily counts to three with me while we take the picture.

In an unrelated incident, I thought I would point out that M is generally getting in touch with genes I may or may not have given to him in terms of pestery hi-jinks. It's just good natured curiosity. And if it isn't the funniest thing I've seen since M has been born.

I have to admit that I'm a little bit proud of this imaginative whirlwind. My mom always joked that I would get a crazy kid after all the silliness and energetic activities she had to put up with. Even R seems somewhat pleased that I'm getting what I deserve.

But the joke's on them! I think it's funny, and even a little impressive. Not to mention a source of pride, that one so young would want to follow in his mother's fun-loving footsteps.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

not-so-happy naptime

well, today M is still rebelling the time change (from a couple of weeks ago), and refused to take his nap until 2 hours later than usual. i'm not sure what to do with the little guy! i think he broke my spirits a little though, because usually i can be strong and just leave him in there until he falls asleep. but after an hour of trying to leave him in there (knowing full well that he knew it was sleepy time) i caved and got him up. and he was just so cute playing with his noah's ark that i couldn't stay mad for too long :) so he played for about 20 minutes and then started holding his blanket and sucking his little fingers. and now he's sleeping, so i can't really claim that it's been that bad.

(this whole terrible 2's thing isn't very fun at all. he is just getting too smart for his own good. and yes, i know that it could be worse. in fact, i know other 2-year-olds that are more difficult. but it's still kind of...challenging.)

(also, i know that M isn't 2 yet. so the terrible 2's won't be official until July 7.)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy (nerdy) St. Paddy's!

so first of all, i AM a nerd. although nerd might not be the best way to put it. it's more like a combination of being a nerd, being a little embarrassed, and being a little bit proud. so here it is: i love holidays. i love all that Martha Stewart, house- and food-decorating, making crafty little thingys, looking forward to excuses to bake cookies and take them to the neighbors, stuff. and so i refer to it as nerdiness. but on the other hand, i'm a little embarrassed to like that sort of thing when i clearly DON'T like other assumptions about housewifery. (example: i have no love for housecleaning. and sometimes i get bored staying home with M. i admit these things freely.) thus bringing us to the pride. i'm proud that the reason i'm doing all these nerdy things is because i really want to, because i'm a holiday nerd. so brace yourselves if you're reading this and live nearby. you may get some green heart-shaped sugar cookies in the design of a shamrock on a plate brought to your door. and if i had brought them over today, i would've been in my green pants and a green shirt. fairly warned be ye, says I.

i suppose i could rationalize this one, since i am 1/4 Irish. but it's not like i'm doing any truly Irish things for the sake of my heritage. i'm mostly being as Americanized as possible, only knowing about shamrocks and wearing green. and that most everyone else drinks a lot and is wasted by noon (especially in Ann Arbor). we are making corned beef and cabbage today though. so that's something. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Three Topics (in boldface, for your convenience)

so i went to the doctor today in an effort to be more responsible. i actually went in for preventative reasons, as opposed to "i'm sick now, i feel yucky, help me!" randomly, all my concerns were in the dermatological realm:
1. i have 2 moles, one on each arm, that used to be just freckles, but are now a little raised.
2. i have a little bump/cyst on the top of my head that doesn't hurt and just sits there doing nothing. until a couple of months ago when it got ever so slightly bigger. but now it's not doing anything again. i looked it up online, and it sounds like the worst case scenario is that it won't stay the same and i have to have it removed. (my dad had one in almost the same place and he eventually had it removed. i'm all for avoiding a shot in the head for a while though, as long as the doc ok's it.)
3. i think i have the eczema that runs on my mom's side of the family. i just wanted it confirmed so that i didn't wonder whenever i claimed that name for my upper-arm ailment. (side note: Aquaphor is a good helper in this regard.)
so after having the doctor look at everything and wondering if she would refer me to a dermatologist that would insist on my having the thingy removed, she just said "well, i wouldn't worry about any of these". whew! i don't have any pressing dermatological concerns anymore AND i've been responsible. good job me.

the book club met at my house tonight and talked all about 100 Years. it was nice, because we're all about halfway through the book and having similar interest/disinterest in the book at different times. but the meeting actually got me more excited to keep on truckin'. it's nice to hear a little about the author, a little about speculation from previous readers and what meanings they place on characters, events, etc. i'm genuinely looking forward to picking up that book tomorrow. hurrah!

i did have a little case of the Monday's today (name that movie anyone?!), in that A) going to the doctor isn't jolly happy fun time and B) M had several shenanigans today that were more than a little maddening. i honestly love that little guy, and even immediately before and after doing obnoxious things he still looked very cute and i wanted to smooch his chubby cheeks. but that doesn't mean that he can't test his mother here and there. i blame the time change for the general grumpiness, but i blame myself for the rest. example: i should not have trusted M with a bowl of pasta shells and tomato sauce AND his new Easter egg placemat. he likes to throw one of them on the floor, and the other ended up with it. and then, he decided he didn't want the replacement dinner and spit it out several times. until i busted out the ketchup for dipping (or catsup, depending on your preferred spelling), then it was smooth sailing.

i wouldn't have been so affected by these minor babyisms, except that i immediately had to drive through 5:30 pm downtown Ann Arbor traffic to pick up R. i'm not the most in control of my road rage right after trying not to be mad at a little man for throwing red sauce on the carpet. now, with the benefit of a few hours, i realize that it's not my carpet, that he didn't do it on purpose, and that ketchup made dinner okay in the end. but while driving, i had had none of these soothing thoughts yet. so i muttered to myself and ended up honking for a long time at this lady in a big SUV chatting it up on a cell phone who cut me off. for crying out loud!

p.s. i'll end with a random story: my friend's cousin, who was little, around 5 years old, was carrying some lunch once and was bumped by a sibling who wasn't paying attention. and this tiny funny person said, in all indignance, "for crying out loud, i have a jam sandwich!"
p.p.s. (*snort* it's funny because it sounds like "damn sandwich"!)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


1.) i'm home watching Anne of Green Gables (which I got for Christmas and haven't watched yet).
2.) i have a book club meeting tomorrow at my house; have i mentioned that my favorite pastime is talking?
3.) i just made a new goody to serve at tomorrow's meeting. it's so nice to have an excuse to bake (i'm not kidding).
4.) it's been in the 40s and 50s today. do you know what that feels like after 2 months of snow and icky below freezing weather? i, very giddily, wore flip flops to the grocery store yesterday!
5.) i really like my neighbors. when you're married, it's really nice to find two other people that the two of you both like. it's harder than you think. or maybe it's just because Ryan's a little antisocial. or both :)
6.) i'm burning some Vanilla Spice oil and it smells homey and warm.
7.) M did several funny things today: went happily to nursery after a rocky few weeks, got shy when people waved at him and promptly tried to bury his head in the carpet (we refer to him as doing Downward-facing Dog for all you yoga buffs, or as a little ostrich), and ate ice cream at a birthday party and frantically signed and asked for "more" to anyone who would look/listen.
8.) i already have all my Easter decorations up in all their pastel glory. i must admit that it genuinely brings joy to my heart. i love all that kind of crap.
9.) speaking of Easter, i'm planning on having an egg-dyeing party in a couple of weeks. i have bought a package of Paas dye every year for the last 3 years, forgetting that i already have one at home, and we NEVER actually dye eggs. so to motivate a husband who thinks it's not very fun/cool, i'm inviting over friends to force him!
10.) Gilbert just made the mistake of calling Anne "carrots" and broke her slate over his head. One of my favorite moments!
11.) My hair is growing to one of my favorite lengths, so I get to use all my fun bobby pins.
12.) We had a really cool lesson today in church about the temple. The teacher was really moving and honest, and so it caught my attention more than usual. I thought about some of my recent experiences there, and felt buoyed up to the challenge of doing better in few areas. Scripture-reading comes to mind...
13.) Along with the cool lesson were some first rate sugar cookies. Why oh why are sugar cookies sooooo yummy?
14.) I'm almost done with 100 Years of Solitude, and get to choose another book. Yipee!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What I'm Watching

Currently, it's season 5 of "24". I'm enjoying my frivolous indulgence. I should probably be reading a book. But not tonight, tonight it's Jack Bauer saving the world. Or at least the people of LA being threatened with nerve gas. If you've never seen the show, rent it. Tell me what your favorite season is. Mine is season 2. Sorry season 5, but it's true. Gotta go, Chloe is doing some tense, important computer stuff I should probably pay attention to.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1st: Day of Reckoning

well, as i've written in my profile "about me" i had set a goal to lose 10 pounds by today. i was fairly convinced as of a week ago that i wouldn't quite be able to reach it. i knew i had 6 pounds (not) under my belt, but could possibly only reach about 8. now i don't know if it's because i weighed myself this morning with only half a banana in my tummy, but i actually made it! it was exactly 10 pounds. eerie, huh? anyways, i know that if i were to weigh myself tonight i wouldn't quite be to 10 pounds, but i'm celebrating anyways!! now it's time to set the new goal. i'll decide by tomorrow and commit myself publicly again. i think it helps motive me to work hard and then have to report.

in unrelated news, i also have another reason to be having a great day. when M wakes up from the nap, r and him and i are driving a half hour south to Cabela's. i think M will really dig it. there are fish there, what more could he ask? plus, it's supposed to be quite the experience. they carry every kind of camping equipment you could imagine, and have displays up all over. the largest one is in nebraska or something, if any of you are able to go and see it. but for us, we'll go to the southern Michigan store and call it good. hooray for cheap vacations!