Thursday, March 01, 2007

March 1st: Day of Reckoning

well, as i've written in my profile "about me" i had set a goal to lose 10 pounds by today. i was fairly convinced as of a week ago that i wouldn't quite be able to reach it. i knew i had 6 pounds (not) under my belt, but could possibly only reach about 8. now i don't know if it's because i weighed myself this morning with only half a banana in my tummy, but i actually made it! it was exactly 10 pounds. eerie, huh? anyways, i know that if i were to weigh myself tonight i wouldn't quite be to 10 pounds, but i'm celebrating anyways!! now it's time to set the new goal. i'll decide by tomorrow and commit myself publicly again. i think it helps motive me to work hard and then have to report.

in unrelated news, i also have another reason to be having a great day. when M wakes up from the nap, r and him and i are driving a half hour south to Cabela's. i think M will really dig it. there are fish there, what more could he ask? plus, it's supposed to be quite the experience. they carry every kind of camping equipment you could imagine, and have displays up all over. the largest one is in nebraska or something, if any of you are able to go and see it. but for us, we'll go to the southern Michigan store and call it good. hooray for cheap vacations!


marizasmom said...

Hooray for you, Kendahl! Way to go!! I have noticed you looking skinnier. That is hard work.

Did Miles love Cabela's?

kendahl said...


Miles did indeed LOVE Cabela's :) he fed the fish for about an hour total. it combined many of his favorite pastimes: throwing things, water, fish, and making sound effects. he never got tired of seeing them come up and chomp the food. and then he would sometimes make a chomp noise when they did. it's fun to see the world through the eyes of a 20-month-old sometimes :)

Melissa said...

Ha! I can post on your blog again (for days it wouldn't let me enter the word verification thing--very annoying)!

What I was originally going to say was that I, as someone who makes sure to weigh herself in the morning before eating or drinking anything but after nursing Caleb (one day he'll be weaned...), fully support weighing yourself at a time when the scales will be kindest.

Cabela's sounds fun. And since it's basically Caleb's name only in a different letter-order, maybe one day we'll go.

kendahl said...

i know! plus i think one just opened in Salt Lake close to you guys. i'm sure Caleb would love throwing food to the fish. be prepared to stay there for a while :)