Monday, March 12, 2007

Three Topics (in boldface, for your convenience)

so i went to the doctor today in an effort to be more responsible. i actually went in for preventative reasons, as opposed to "i'm sick now, i feel yucky, help me!" randomly, all my concerns were in the dermatological realm:
1. i have 2 moles, one on each arm, that used to be just freckles, but are now a little raised.
2. i have a little bump/cyst on the top of my head that doesn't hurt and just sits there doing nothing. until a couple of months ago when it got ever so slightly bigger. but now it's not doing anything again. i looked it up online, and it sounds like the worst case scenario is that it won't stay the same and i have to have it removed. (my dad had one in almost the same place and he eventually had it removed. i'm all for avoiding a shot in the head for a while though, as long as the doc ok's it.)
3. i think i have the eczema that runs on my mom's side of the family. i just wanted it confirmed so that i didn't wonder whenever i claimed that name for my upper-arm ailment. (side note: Aquaphor is a good helper in this regard.)
so after having the doctor look at everything and wondering if she would refer me to a dermatologist that would insist on my having the thingy removed, she just said "well, i wouldn't worry about any of these". whew! i don't have any pressing dermatological concerns anymore AND i've been responsible. good job me.

the book club met at my house tonight and talked all about 100 Years. it was nice, because we're all about halfway through the book and having similar interest/disinterest in the book at different times. but the meeting actually got me more excited to keep on truckin'. it's nice to hear a little about the author, a little about speculation from previous readers and what meanings they place on characters, events, etc. i'm genuinely looking forward to picking up that book tomorrow. hurrah!

i did have a little case of the Monday's today (name that movie anyone?!), in that A) going to the doctor isn't jolly happy fun time and B) M had several shenanigans today that were more than a little maddening. i honestly love that little guy, and even immediately before and after doing obnoxious things he still looked very cute and i wanted to smooch his chubby cheeks. but that doesn't mean that he can't test his mother here and there. i blame the time change for the general grumpiness, but i blame myself for the rest. example: i should not have trusted M with a bowl of pasta shells and tomato sauce AND his new Easter egg placemat. he likes to throw one of them on the floor, and the other ended up with it. and then, he decided he didn't want the replacement dinner and spit it out several times. until i busted out the ketchup for dipping (or catsup, depending on your preferred spelling), then it was smooth sailing.

i wouldn't have been so affected by these minor babyisms, except that i immediately had to drive through 5:30 pm downtown Ann Arbor traffic to pick up R. i'm not the most in control of my road rage right after trying not to be mad at a little man for throwing red sauce on the carpet. now, with the benefit of a few hours, i realize that it's not my carpet, that he didn't do it on purpose, and that ketchup made dinner okay in the end. but while driving, i had had none of these soothing thoughts yet. so i muttered to myself and ended up honking for a long time at this lady in a big SUV chatting it up on a cell phone who cut me off. for crying out loud!

p.s. i'll end with a random story: my friend's cousin, who was little, around 5 years old, was carrying some lunch once and was bumped by a sibling who wasn't paying attention. and this tiny funny person said, in all indignance, "for crying out loud, i have a jam sandwich!"
p.p.s. (*snort* it's funny because it sounds like "damn sandwich"!)


Travis Butterfield said...

I'll name the movie: office space (I think).

kendahl said...

nice! it most certainly IS Office Space. and is my favorite part of the entire movie. (the part where he asks his neighbor if anyone ever says that at work. the best!)