Tuesday, March 20, 2007

not-so-happy naptime

well, today M is still rebelling the time change (from a couple of weeks ago), and refused to take his nap until 2 hours later than usual. i'm not sure what to do with the little guy! i think he broke my spirits a little though, because usually i can be strong and just leave him in there until he falls asleep. but after an hour of trying to leave him in there (knowing full well that he knew it was sleepy time) i caved and got him up. and he was just so cute playing with his noah's ark that i couldn't stay mad for too long :) so he played for about 20 minutes and then started holding his blanket and sucking his little fingers. and now he's sleeping, so i can't really claim that it's been that bad.

(this whole terrible 2's thing isn't very fun at all. he is just getting too smart for his own good. and yes, i know that it could be worse. in fact, i know other 2-year-olds that are more difficult. but it's still kind of...challenging.)

(also, i know that M isn't 2 yet. so the terrible 2's won't be official until July 7.)


Melissa said...

Has Miles always liked his blanket? Caleb is completely unattached to anything (except, well, me), and his only naptime signal--besides how long he's been awake--is how incredibly cranky he gets. And here I will show my true motherly colors: it's so annoying!

I can't imagine him being two.

Travis Butterfield said...

my favorite season of 24 is last season - the one with president Logan. (I think that's season 5).
I love 24!!!!! Except, this season isn't quite as good as I wanted it to be.

kendahl said...

it's true that miles is hopelessly devoted to his blankie, but it wasn't until recently that he really started to show the love. he always held it in bed, but now it's so important to him that he'll ask for it at non-sleepy times.

the up side is that if, say, miles is playing by the bike (like he's not supposed to) and pulls it onto himself and starts bawling uncontrollably, then i can hold him and say "it's okay, can we go get your blankie?" crying subsides, blankie is snuggled. helpful, no?

also, the season of 24 with pres. logan IS season 5, and i really liked it! i'm currently watching the Season 6 Premiere, which has already been released on DVD. weird, huh? it's good so far, but i think i know what you mean about it not being as good as last season. but still, it's 24. you gotta love it.

Janie said...

I totally support you letting Miles get up and play after an hour of crying. Poor little guy wasn't tired yet! Aren't we all that way sometimes--you just can't sleep until you've distracted your brain (with Noah's Ark toys or a good book).
I think 2-year-olds are hilarious, it's 3-years-olds that are hard....