Sunday, March 11, 2007


1.) i'm home watching Anne of Green Gables (which I got for Christmas and haven't watched yet).
2.) i have a book club meeting tomorrow at my house; have i mentioned that my favorite pastime is talking?
3.) i just made a new goody to serve at tomorrow's meeting. it's so nice to have an excuse to bake (i'm not kidding).
4.) it's been in the 40s and 50s today. do you know what that feels like after 2 months of snow and icky below freezing weather? i, very giddily, wore flip flops to the grocery store yesterday!
5.) i really like my neighbors. when you're married, it's really nice to find two other people that the two of you both like. it's harder than you think. or maybe it's just because Ryan's a little antisocial. or both :)
6.) i'm burning some Vanilla Spice oil and it smells homey and warm.
7.) M did several funny things today: went happily to nursery after a rocky few weeks, got shy when people waved at him and promptly tried to bury his head in the carpet (we refer to him as doing Downward-facing Dog for all you yoga buffs, or as a little ostrich), and ate ice cream at a birthday party and frantically signed and asked for "more" to anyone who would look/listen.
8.) i already have all my Easter decorations up in all their pastel glory. i must admit that it genuinely brings joy to my heart. i love all that kind of crap.
9.) speaking of Easter, i'm planning on having an egg-dyeing party in a couple of weeks. i have bought a package of Paas dye every year for the last 3 years, forgetting that i already have one at home, and we NEVER actually dye eggs. so to motivate a husband who thinks it's not very fun/cool, i'm inviting over friends to force him!
10.) Gilbert just made the mistake of calling Anne "carrots" and broke her slate over his head. One of my favorite moments!
11.) My hair is growing to one of my favorite lengths, so I get to use all my fun bobby pins.
12.) We had a really cool lesson today in church about the temple. The teacher was really moving and honest, and so it caught my attention more than usual. I thought about some of my recent experiences there, and felt buoyed up to the challenge of doing better in few areas. Scripture-reading comes to mind...
13.) Along with the cool lesson were some first rate sugar cookies. Why oh why are sugar cookies sooooo yummy?
14.) I'm almost done with 100 Years of Solitude, and get to choose another book. Yipee!


Megan said...

Fantastic list. I fully support Anne of Green Gables. i always cry when Matthew dies...every time! And hoorah for warm weather. I have totally been sporting flip-flops lately, willing spring to come on asap.

kendahl said...

i know how you feel about Matthew :) i always love it when Gilbert says "sooory". and when Ruby Gillis says "It's too late, Anne's dead and we're murderers!" and she falls in a heap bawling. that made me laugh out loud!

also, it's cold again today. but i have hope now that we have 2 warm days under our collective Michigan belts. i LOVE spring here, with all the blossoms. it's only a few more weeks!!

marizasmom said...

I love reading your blog, Kendahl. It makes me like you even more. Your happyness is my happyness. I love the slate-breaking moment too.

Before I forget, I must tell you that my sister lives in Phoenix. She would love to talk and dance with you. And I think you'd get a kick out of her. She said to tell you that Ahwatukee 2nd ward is the best and friendliest ward in the whole area.

kendahl said...

aw shucks! and i would love to have a dance connection in AZ. Randomly, I do already know 2 dancers there at ASU from my BYU days, but the more the merrier! Plus, I haven't kept in touch very well with them. And if your sister is as cool as you are, well then! Is she the one that did the pancake dance? I loved the pancake dance :)

Robin said...

Um... I love (LOVE) Anne of Green Gables. This blog made me happy, and YOU make me happy! Lots of love!

Janie said...

Hey--your talking about MY lesson!! Andrea sent me your blog address and said you mentioned the lesson. Thanks, you don't know how i stress about the stinking lessons. So I really appreciate that someone liked it. The sugar cookies were suppose to distract you from actually having to listen to me, so i am glad you liked them too:) Your blog is wicked cool.

kendahl said...

janie! i'm glad that you could also partake of my blog :) i don't think i've had anyone call it wicked cool, so now i'm blushing. (i still maintain that the lesson and the cookies were both quite wonderfully good.)