Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy (nerdy) St. Paddy's!

so first of all, i AM a nerd. although nerd might not be the best way to put it. it's more like a combination of being a nerd, being a little embarrassed, and being a little bit proud. so here it is: i love holidays. i love all that Martha Stewart, house- and food-decorating, making crafty little thingys, looking forward to excuses to bake cookies and take them to the neighbors, stuff. and so i refer to it as nerdiness. but on the other hand, i'm a little embarrassed to like that sort of thing when i clearly DON'T like other assumptions about housewifery. (example: i have no love for housecleaning. and sometimes i get bored staying home with M. i admit these things freely.) thus bringing us to the pride. i'm proud that the reason i'm doing all these nerdy things is because i really want to, because i'm a holiday nerd. so brace yourselves if you're reading this and live nearby. you may get some green heart-shaped sugar cookies in the design of a shamrock on a plate brought to your door. and if i had brought them over today, i would've been in my green pants and a green shirt. fairly warned be ye, says I.

i suppose i could rationalize this one, since i am 1/4 Irish. but it's not like i'm doing any truly Irish things for the sake of my heritage. i'm mostly being as Americanized as possible, only knowing about shamrocks and wearing green. and that most everyone else drinks a lot and is wasted by noon (especially in Ann Arbor). we are making corned beef and cabbage today though. so that's something. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!!


Abby Green said...

Nerd or not, no one can pass up tasty green cookies, can they? :-) There's no shame in enjoying a holiday!! Especially when you're sharing with friends - YUM!
Have fun!

kendahl said...

thank you. i'm less embarrassed for my extreme joy :)