Tuesday, March 31, 2009


M was going to pick three tetras, but the boys came home with five fish in the end. The tetras are named Inky, Blinky and Stinky (anyone surprised to find that R named them?). The Malis are yellow and M has been changing their names ever since they came home. First they were Mush and Wise, then Boo and Wise, then it changed to Moo and Wise, and just now when I asked they are Wise and See. I am quite entertained.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

11-year Streak Broken

Guest post by R

Well, two streaks actually. But more on that later.

I've been very fortunate these last 11 years: I've managed to traverse these eventful years only having heard 2 Spice Girls songs along the way (and these two songs, which I've managed to block out, were forced upon me while I was in a taxi in Russia and had no choice).

I'm most proud of my ability to avoid hearing that gawd-awful "Tell me what you want, what you really really want" song. Now that's not to say that I hadn't heard snippets of it; I had. But never more than about 5 seconds--15 if the remote or radio dial was out of reach.

This streak tragically ended about 2 weeks ago when I was shopping at Safeway at night. I was enjoying a peaceful, quiet stroll away from the screaming newborn at home. As I walked down the noodles/hamburger helper isle, a creepy feeling came over me, the vapid, cacophonous highly-processed musical stylings of the Spice Girls started, and I realized that fate and I were finally going to meet.

As my ears started twitching and I fought off the gag reflex I calmed myself down: "Oh well," I said to myself, "at least I've managed to make it this long. And it's not a complete loss: I've still managed to avoid that damned 'If you want to be my lover, first you got to get with my friends' song." But I was cut off in mid-thought: turns out the "really really want" song and the "get with my friends" song are the same song. I wasn't prepared for this unfortunate turn of events. How could Safeway do this to me? I'm a good guy, trying to love my kids and do the right thing. Plus, who the hell still plays Spice Girls these days, much less their 2 worst songs (which, as noted, turned out to be one super-terrible song)?

So my night was ruined. But things will be OK: my streak of not hearing any songs by "Hannah Montana" or from "High School Musical" is still firmly in tact.

Spice Girls taking their bow at their final concert together in Toronto, Canada, 26 February 2008

Their last concert together, which could not have come soon enough.

Earth Hour

Saturday, March 28, 2009, 8:30pm local time (wherever you on planet Earth)
I think everyone should do this! In fact, I am going to encourage everyone to have a little Earth Hour party by candlelight wherever they are. All you have to do is turn off your lights for one hour and celebrate Mother Earth. Visit the website here.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Surgery Change

E will be having surgery on April 7th instead of March 27th, due to a better time of day becoming available (8:30am instead of 11:30am). We will be arriving at 6am that morning to get the whole ordeal over with. I think E will be much happier following the cannot-eat-for-6-hours-beforehand rule with an earlier check-in.

There is also a chance that we will get a call to go in on a random day if someone cancels, since I spoke to the surgery scheduler and she says that occasionally happens. However, it will most likely be on the 7th as planned. That means that the 7th-17th will be the dreaded SoftFeeder bottle days. Wish us luck!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Two Months, what!?

I cannot believe that my child is 2 months old. Weird. Yesterday we celebrated that fact by going to the pediatrician. FYI: 24.5 inches long (born at 20 inches), and 12 lbs. 4 oz. (born at 8 lbs. 3.8 oz.). His height is 88th percentile and his weight is 50th percentile. So, he is a tall little string bean. There were many shots involved :( and he must also go to physical therapy for the flat spot on his head. No baby helmets please! Other than that, the doc said E was doing great.

In related news, E slept completely through the night last night for the first time. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to hear him crying to eat, looking at the clock, and seeing that instead of saying 4am it said 6:15! I am so proud of that little guy! Babywise is the best book ever. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


E was laying next to me earlier and M wanted to get him a toy. M came over with it, noticed that E was making fists with his hands, and promptly said to me, "Mom, E is going like this with his hands," punches his own fist high up in the air, "because he's a superbaby!"

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


E stretches like this almost every time I release him from his swaddle blanket.

Then we proceed to be grouchy about bottles not being ready immediately.
But then there is happiness, especially if E can see the ceiling fan.Or if he can see M.
Or Mommy.
He loves when R is home and gets burped with the magic touch. Then, snuggles :)

First Surgery

E has an official date for his first surgery, which is to repair the lip. Friday March 27th he will have surgery and we will embark on 10 days of "fun". Mostly it is due to this bottle. Oh well, it will all be over soon. April 6th cannot come soon enough.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Me and E on the couch

This happened yesterday and caused great guffaws from yours truly.

The scene: E has just eaten and burped but is not ready to sleep, and I need to pump. I get the pump ready and lay E next to me so I can talk to him while I pump for 15 minutes. About 5 minutes into the process, he starts fussing that I will not pick him up.

E: fuss fuss fuss (looking right)
me: it's okay, look over here at the ceiling fan (turn E's head left)
E: (smiles)
me: oh, is that the ceiling fan? is it your friend?
E: oooohhh! coo coo coo (smiles!!!)
me: are you guys best friends?
E: (laughing and smiling) coo coo!

Definitely the best thing that I have seen from this tiny man so far. :)