Sunday, March 01, 2009

Me and E on the couch

This happened yesterday and caused great guffaws from yours truly.

The scene: E has just eaten and burped but is not ready to sleep, and I need to pump. I get the pump ready and lay E next to me so I can talk to him while I pump for 15 minutes. About 5 minutes into the process, he starts fussing that I will not pick him up.

E: fuss fuss fuss (looking right)
me: it's okay, look over here at the ceiling fan (turn E's head left)
E: (smiles)
me: oh, is that the ceiling fan? is it your friend?
E: oooohhh! coo coo coo (smiles!!!)
me: are you guys best friends?
E: (laughing and smiling) coo coo!

Definitely the best thing that I have seen from this tiny man so far. :)

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