Sunday, February 26, 2006


Little M started crawling this week! unfortunately we can't post any videos of him, but there is a photo to come later of him in action :) he also has mastered being able to get to sitting all by himself and stay there indefinitely. he especially enjoys this when he's not quite in agreement with bedtime or nap time arrangements. So R and i are in the process of baby-proofing, which isn't as bad as i thought it would be. but then again we haven't had a baby-related crisis involving dishes or Cd's or something yet either. i'm sure we will at some point. another one of M's tricks is that while crawling he sometimes likes to stand on hand and feet and then push up onto his tippie-toes and balance there. lately he's even taken to balancing on one foot (toe) while doing this. so we may have some type of acrobat on our hands!

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Claire said...

Hey, Kendahl, just FYI there are a couple sites I know of where you can upload your videos and then post a link to them on your blog:
I don't have much experience with either and I know that with streamload you have to pay a monthly fee if you upload more than a certain amount but I just thought you might be interested! This is mostly just selfish thinking because I find Miles's three-pronged stand very intriguing and would be amused to see video of said effect. Maybe he's destined to be a yoga instructor or something!