Thursday, May 04, 2006

dancin' dancin' dancin' dancin'

this may not seem super-duper neat to anyone, but tonight i'm teaching a modern dance class. and the class is free, and it's at our church building, which is also free. plus it's with friends, so we all know each other and want to be there. it turns out that here in Ann Arbor, several people whom i go to church with dance. and some are so good as to teach classes so that we can have a different one every week and all get together. now, the reason this is cool is...well, just try to go find a dance class at a studio somewhere that's exactly what you want to take and also free. okay, point made.

so we've all been taking turns teaching. so far we've had clogging class, ballet class, yoga class, and now modern dance class. now i love modern, obviously, having majored in it, but the truth is that i've really been drawn to yoga lately. it's one of those things where i feel great afterwards, but have a hard time, well, actually DOing it :) and since i've taught it a couple of times now, i'm really getting into it again. i wish that i knew a bunch of people who happened to live nearby and who were also into yoga and wanted to get together a few times a week and would come and get me out of bed saying "okay me, it's time for yoga. i know you're tired, but you know that it's good for you and you feel better when you do it regularly. so let's go get stretchy and meditate-y". wouldn't that be heaven? :) anyways, i guess for now i'll just have to teach occasionally and practice in my front room occasionally.

if anyone who is reading this is thinking to themselves: "hey i like yoga, i should do it more often" OR "i've never done yoga, maybe i should try it" then please enjoy my new discovery at the library last week. it's called The Yoga Bible by Christina Brown and it has color pictures and detailed instructions for tons of poses. it's a really great book, and have since bought a copy from :) so basically it's hooray for yoga, i highly recommend it.


Megan said...

hoorah for you teaching your class! I hope all goes well!

Claire said...

I'm partial to Pilates mostly because I suck at meditating. I can't even sit in the temple for five minutes without thinking of things I need to do, what to cook for dinner, projects at work, etc. but I'm sure you're much better at it than I. Cool you get to teach your class to other ward ladies, maybe next time you can teach them the 10-code.

Melissa said...

I am the most uncoordinated person I know. I once took a step aerobics class where the teacher always waited on me before moving onto another step.

That said, I would happily do yoga with you on a daily basis, my modern dancing friend, if we lived in the same general vicinity.