Tuesday, May 01, 2007

PBS Documentary

Has anyone been watching the PBS documentary called The Mormons? The first installment dealt with the Church's history (Joseph Smith, polygamy, Mountain Meadows Massacre, Book of Mormon). The second installment is tonight and deals with more contemporary topics. I'm assuming that they will address homosexuality in the Church and also blacks and the priesthood among other things. Both installments are on PBS from 9pm-11pm Eastern time. Even if you are in another time zone do not fear if you can't find the right to watch it, it will be available online on Wednesday. Highly recommended, especially if you like meaty subject matter to think/talk about.

I've been impressed so far with the balanced view they have presented, and also with their fearless attitude to difficult topics. There are interviews with those of many different backgrounds: historians in and out of the church, apostles, current members, former members, etc. Even those who disagree with the Church's teachings have interesting, well thought out arguments. R read several interview transcripts today, which give even more information than the four hour documentary itself. He said that Jeffery Holland's is particularly amazing, since he clearly states both his conviction in the faith as an apostle and his understanding of those who have opposing views.

So in order to celebrate this type of media attention, whether good or bad, we had a mormon party last night, ate mormon-themed foods, and generally had lots to talk about after the first installment was over. Tonight there won't be quite as much casserole and Jello, but still a lot to talk about. In my next post I will share some of my thoughts, and possibly get up on my soapbox a little. (Preview: I'm thinking mostly about women in the church and the disconnect between The Perfect Wife/Church Lady/Cook and who we all really are. And also how feminism comes in. You know, just one of those little topics.) Stay tuned.


Claire said...

can't wait. next time i see you we can play oregon trail together. i hear there's an updated version (always important to stay on top of these things). we didn't have time to watch the documentary the last 2 nights but recorded it and plan on catching up this weekend, I'm interested to see how it goes.

marizasmom said...

Thank you for sharing the links! We taped the first night, and then completely forgot about it last night. I love that you had a mormon party too. I'll be waiting to hear your comments.

Have a happy graduation weekend. I'll miss dancing with you at the stake thingie.


Jess said...

I didn't know it would be online and was kinda bummed that I missed it. I'll let you know what I think once I have a chance to watch it. I love it when people "get on there soapbox" on a subject so can't wait to hear what you have to say.

Jenny said...

How fun. A mormon party!! Loved your insights about the documentary. Very similiar to how we felt! Where are you guys headed in the fall? I hope it's OK that I am checking out your blog. It is connected to all the other Ann Arbor Blogarians

kendahl said...

no problem jenny, i've seen yours too :) we're headed to Phoenix, and it's only 2 weeks. yikes!

Emily said...

Who knew you'd eventually be on a first-name basis with one of the superstars of this documentary?!