Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Great Blogging Drought of '07

So sorry to all of you (especially B, who has given me quite a lot of crap for it) that I have been without internet connection for a couple of months. A lot has happened to yours truly since October 4th when I was fondly recalling all my Nintendo fun of years past.

I have read a great many books, the most recent of which was The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner and also The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler. I don't feel like reviewing them right this moment, so I will just say 1) that I couldn't put Tourist down and 2) that I also couldn't put Fury down, but was also very confused the whole time. I've also read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith on the recommendation of my sister T (liked it, but personally had a hard time with how sad it was), and The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls (loved it, couldn't put it down, and was amazed that these things really happened).

I've also driven to Utah and California since October. R's brother and his wife had the biggest-cheeked baby I've ever seen, and we went up to Utah for her blessing. She's so cute! (We got her Weebles for Christmas.) Then we drove to California a few weeks later to my sister's house in San Ramon and had "the miracle, buh-buh-buh-buuuuh!, of Thanksgiving". My brother lives out that way, and my Utah-hair-school-attending other sister M flew in for the occasion too. So we were all together, with the exception of my littlest sister Cade. (We missed her :( and if you want the whole story about my f***ed up family, just ask.) My sister T made the most wonderful turkey and spread ever! Hooray for Italian Thanksgiving!

Another thing I've been up to is teaching the Sunbeams on Sunday. There are two teachers, so we get to trade off. If you're wondering if I was responsible with my new calling and remembered to call subs for the times I was gone to UT and CA, the answer is "no". Oops. My favorite quote so far from Sunbeam class is from a boy named Soren. After I helped him unbutton his pants to go potty he promptly told me to "now, get out". They aren't shy. They also ask us several times during class every week 1) Are we having goldfish? 2) Are we almost done with class? and 3) Did you bring cookies?. I'm glad they're gleaning so much wisdom from class.

In closing I'd like to say that I will write again soon, sooner than last time :)


Megs said...

Welcome back! I've missed your blogging cos I love to hear what's going on with you. A few things:
1. Your travels and adventures sound wonderful.
2. The Glass Castle Rocked my world. I read it last summer and STILL think about it a lot. I'm glad you read it.
3. I just really like ya a lot.

kendahl said...

aw shucks :) and yeah, The Glass Castle is great. I still haven't finished A Problem From Hell though, and I've been at a couple months here.
The chapter on Bosnia is hard for me to read somehow, to keep going. I'm determined to finish it though. It's due back at the library in January, so I'd best get moving.

Robin said...

You're alive! hooray!

Matt & Kristen said...

Missed you!! We even had a church snow day two weeks ago and I had a moment of silence for you, because I knew if you were here we would be walking in the blizzard. Also want to say that I am so proud of your fake swearing. I used the word a%# in a previous blog post of mine, and I must admit, I sort of felt weird exposing my true self to the interweb and all... but that didn't stop me. Hope all is well, let's talk soon.

Lani said...

Italian Thanksgiving sounds yummy! I hope you had a fun Christmas. Can't wait to see what you post next. The Glass Castle sounds interesting, I'll have to check that out. Teaching Sunbeams always wore me out, its nice that you get to trade off, they are definitely intertaining though.