Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sudoku and Quotable Quotes

So I love doing sudoku puzzles. Who knew? I flew to California a few weeks ago to see my cousin Lauren get sealed in the Oakland Temple. And to see my sisters and bro-in-law and cutest nephew ever! And also a lot more family and friends. But the point is that I tried my first sudoku puzzle and there's no going back. I now have 3 sudoku workbooks that I'm filling out. Book one is almost filled in. M calls them my number games and occasionally says things like "Mom, put a 6 right here." in perfect bossy-2-year-old fashion.

Can you believe that my child is nearly 3 years old? That he's going to be in preschool in September? That he's potty trained and sleeping in a big boy bed? That does all kinds of things by himself, including but not limited to: going potty, carrying bags, drawing and painting pictures, calling people on the phone, brushing his teeth, eating and drinking things (without help!), playing F-Zero and shutting his bedroom door at night before bed.That he wants a Jupiter cake and friends to come to his birthday party (last year he didn't know what a birthday was!)? I'm freaking out! But that brings me to my next subject: recent M quotes.

  • I want to see the mobsters. (meaning lobsters at the grocery store)
  • We live on Chandler Booger. (meaning Chandler Blvd.)
  • Hi I'm M. I'm 2. On my birfday I'll be free. (meaning three.)
Ha! Anyways, I promise to write sooner next time. Not, say, skipping months at a time.

By the way, in case anyone thought I had lost the dancing bug about the same time I was getting sick of the BYU program, it's back! I went to rehearsal today and had a marvelous time with my pal S. Her choreography is sweet.


Claire said...

Kendahl, it was great to see you and your boy is adorable. However, you failed to mention he can also throw soccer balls over your balcony and carry them back up two at a time. Keep it real in Phoenix and come visit sometime!

Lauren Green said...

Ha! Miles sounds like quite the character! The next time we all get together you have to bring him! Love ya!!

Kristi said... is so wonderful to read a new blog and get in the loop of the wonderful Millecam family!
I CAN'T believe that Miles is almost THREE!! What fun. I do so miss those days... :)
Love from your Auntie!