Friday, June 13, 2008

The Last Two Days

First, my last post was my 100th post, and I forgot all about it. I looked today before posting this very moment, and there it was, 100 posts. We've been through a lot together, huh guys? Sniff.

Secondly, M was quite ill yesterday. He had woken up during the night to throw up, or frow up depending on the person you ask, and we thought that he would be okay afterwards since he had no fever and fell back asleep. Well, we need one of those ear thermometers, obviously. After that next morning, I promptly sucked it up and paid $30 for one.

In the morning, I was washing all his bedding and then I gave him a bath. And he just started shaking, and crying, and generally acting angry and strange. This is significant, because even when he's sick, he acts pretty normal, and this was abnormal. He was burning up and had chills that scared. the. crap. out. of. me. So I freaked out, didn't even check his temperature, we did Tylenol, and then I called the doctor. He said he could see him right then or I would've gone to urgent care or the emergency room or something.

By the time we saw the doctor, M felt a little better, but he was still acting really weird, like asking me to hold him, which he NEVER does. (I always have to sneak up on him and hug him before he runs away.) So they take his temperature, and he's had Tylenol mind you, and it was 102.9. Yikes a little! I kept my cool because there was this scare once when he was 1 where we got to the doctor and his fever was 105.3, and THAT was scary. But this was scary too, because he was acting so strangely on top of the near 103 temperature.

He has a bacterial infection that is only in his sinuses and nose, not the ears thanks to the tubes or it would've been even worse. So he's now taking Motrin and Tylenol and his Azithromycin. I'm generally not medicine woman, but thank goodness for people who know more than me, and have prescription pads ready and waiting. He's much happier today, but not allowed to swim in the 105 degree weather. Mean mommy, huh?

So, while all this was happening, I was supposed to be at the dentist getting a sore tooth checked. I called them in the middle of my freak out (after we were driving to the doctor) to reschedule for this morning. That brings us to today. Finally! We get to talk about my teeth.

Beware, I'm a little obsessed with my teeth. It's because they are not so great and I must brush (with a Sonicare), floss and rinse with Listerine at least twice a day, sometimes adding more brushings in between. And yet, I still get cavities and more anxiety about "what will they find this time!?". I have an intense fear of the dentist, but I make myself go every 6 months like you're supposed to. In my defense, I think my fear of dentists would be markedly worse if I didn't face up to it twice a year. I tell myself this so I feel better about the anxiety that I DO have.

Oh, and they found 2 cavities, as per usual. One of them should be a gold crown, because it's a filling that keeps cracking. And I need two cleanings, two! And then I need to be fitted for a guard since I grind my teeth at night. AND, I need to get braces next January. Braces!!! Oh, and I have a crossbite, that supposedly didn't get fixed like it was supposed to when I was a kid, even though I wore that stupid appliance and turned the key in it every day. So the braces are for that, and also other things, like my TMJ, and the fact that I don't put my tongue in the right place when I swallow. Okay, rant is over. I'm just venting a little. A certain husband of mine never goes to the dentist, like not once on his entire mission, and then they clean his teeth and say "looks good, keep up the good genes". Unfair.

Alright, don't worry, I'm not actually as mad as I sound. I'm just a little, well, flabbergasted, you know? I'll go to my cleaning and my fillings over the next couple of weeks, and then it will be behind me. And next year you can all call me metal mouth and I'll have Awkward Adolescence Part II. But I won't swallow wrong anymore, and maybe I'll even have a sweet gold tooth like a pirate.


Claire said...

Oh, Kendahl! Your teeth sound worse than mine! Braces!!!!! I have yet to dread my trips to the dentist (maybe I should), but I ALWAYS anticipate that something new is going to be wrong with them whenever I go in. Let's see, I think my trips to the dentist this year so far number five. And, like you, I have a spouse with not-as-stellar tooth care who has nary a problem. Grrrrr. Scary about Miles' temperature! He needs his energy to drop soccer balls off the balcony.

Kristi said... heart goes out to you. What is the deal with your teeth? I am sure that the bad teeth gene did not come from our side of the family! :] Seriously, I haven't had a cavity since I was 13 or 14 years old. I do HATE going to the dentist however, but go religiously every 6 months. Leanne and her friend DeeDee did go into competition as little girls to see who could get the most cavities. I don't recall who won, but I believe Aunt Leanne had 13!! She was a crazy kid! YIKES!
I did have "round 2" of the braces stint. I was about 37 years old!! You'll survive and you'll love being pain free. :]
I'm glad that Miles is feeling better. Give him a hug for me and tell your Hubby hello! :]

kendahl said...

How long did you have your braces the second time Kristi? I'm hoping mine is short! Strangely, I think I got the bad teeth from my mom, so maybe you got the good ones in your family. I could've gotten them from Papa Dom though, since he has had dentures for decades, from when he was pretty young. Alas, it doesn't really matter WHERE they came from, because they're here. But I will fight them!

Kristi said...

Fight on Kendahl!! :]
Maybe I did get the good teeth in the family...or maybe your Mom got the rogue bad teeth gene and passed it on! Who knows?!
So, I wore braces the second time around for about 2 years-ish, but I ended up needing major jaw surgery, which prolonged the braces process and which I wished that I had not gone through with....the surgery part that is.
Good luck Chicky! :)

kendahl said...

thanks! i hope i don't need jaw surgery, because i remember you telling me about it and it didn't seem fun. 2 years isn't so bad, although it will be a long time to have ryan calling me brace face!