Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things M says (Part Four)

(we are in the car driving to E's physical therapy with a bottle warming in a mug in the cupholder)

me: aw crap!
M: why did you say crap mom?
me: oh, I spilled some water.
M: why did you spill water?
me: because I was turning the car.
M: why were you turning?
me: because cars have to turn when they drive.
M: why?
me: because you have to follow the road or you will crash.
M: why will you crash?
me: because the car just will.
M: why?
me: because!



Nicole said...

"sheesh" is definitely right. Questions are good...some of the time.

Also, I've enjoyed reading your abuse entries. I become more grateful and wowed by my luckiness in avoiding such terrible confusion, anger and issues (for lack of a better word). Good for you, for exposing the nastiness of such a terrible trial. I have no doubt you will become what you want to and do good things for other victims. 3 cheers for you!! - just to lighten it up a bit!

Jacque said...

Ella keeps telling me I'm not supposed to go because the light is red, or asking me why I didn't go--when there are 10 cars in front of me. Little backseat drivers. =) It's fun watching them learn about the world, though.

Kristi said...

Isn't M at a GREAT age. I miss those days! It may drive you a little nutty but oh what fun, fun times! ......really! :)