Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things M Says (Part 25)

me: "M, you need to pick up all this paper money, because E will rip it up."

M: "I don't like that idea."

me: "I know, but it must be done!"

M: "I reaaaally don't like this idea!"

me: "Well, you still need to do it."

M: "Mom, if you say that again, even when you're 45, I will still not pick these up. I will go with my dad to find a new family, and I will not clean these up!"

me: *eyeroll*


EmilyCC said...

Isn't this sort of back-talk supposed to start when they're teenagers?!

Robin said...


I love these "things __ says."

k said...

I guess with M it's just in his sassy nature. Little punk!

McDonalds said...

I am really glad that you wrote this down. He was a naughty little thing to talk back like that, but it was funny, and I am SO glad you shared. I REALLY love your boys!

Kristi said...

I get the biggeest kick out of these posts....because to tell you the truth he is quite a bit like you as a child. I little too smart for the rest of the world! :)