Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"Eat Fat, Lose Fat", Adrenal Gland Fatigue, and B Vitamins

I mentioned this is my previous post: In the interest of weight loss, I finally broke down and bought a copy of Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Mary Enig and Sally Fallon. Paired with my commitment to not eat sugar anymore, and to temporarily get off grain, I think this book will help me get out from under my baby weight.

I suspect that I am also having a difficult time losing weight because of exhaustion as well. I think I have adrenal gland fatigue and I know I have a B vitamin deficiency.

I have started taking a maca root supplement twice daily that I usually only take during my period. Maca root is shown to balance hormones and help with energy. You shouldn't take maca raw, so only buy brands that are "gelatinized" or pre-cooked. (I use the Royal Maca capsules by Whole World Botanicals that I bought at Sprouts.)

I wanted to buy this supplement from Radiant Life, but it was too freaking expensive. Plus, I didn't know if I would realistically take a liquid daily if it wasn't tasty. But I do like that it's derived from whole foods, fermented, probiotic, and has the full B complex. I found a similar (?) one at Whole Foods today called Raw B-Complex by Garden of Life that was a lot cheaper, claims to be made from whole food sources, and is a lot cheaper. We'll see how that goes as I take it over the next month.


Ann Marie @ CHEESESLAVE said...

I feel you! I've got baby weight too.

I sent away for the saliva and blood tests from Canary Club and my cortisol is low. So this explains why I can't lose weight no matter how low-carb I go. I gotta heal and balance the hormones.

I'm doing Standard Process supplements now -- their multi, the B vitamins, and 2 of the adrenal gland supplements. I am feeling great, but I know it will take time still to see the weight move.

Ann Marie @ CHEESESLAVE said...

Oh, and EXTRA cod liver oil is recommended for rebuilding adrenals. I'm trying to take 2-3 TBS per day plus I take the butter oil, too.

k said...

Thanks for commenting AnnMarie :) I feel so special!

I wonder about my cortisol, too. Money being a factor for me, I don't think I'll be able to get tested much, but maybe I can pull off extra CLO for a bit. I found a cow adrenal gland supplement today, on sale, from grass-fed cows! I am going to try and take that every day with my B vitamin complex, CLO, bee pollen, and maca root.

I also just ordered a lot of Braunschweiger from US Wellness Meats, so I need to have a little every day, or at least bust out a new one every week for me and the fam.

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