Thursday, July 07, 2011

My Planned Parenthood Carnival: My Story

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I have actually never been to Planned Parenthood.  I live a life of white, middle-class privilege where my parents always covered my insurance.  And when I went to college, got married, and had children, I always had insurance.  I'm very lucky to have had that coverage.  For so many other women, Planned Parenthood is there for them for patient care.

My experiences with Planned Parenthood are more second-hand than anything else.  I had a roommate in college who used Planned Parenthood because she didn't have any insurance as a poor, newly-married student.  She had her first child under the watchful and affordable care of the Utah Valley Planned Parenthood.  I'm glad that she had that security.

A more recent second-hand experience involves my work with Phoenix Youth at Risk.  A youth in one of our programs came to me when she had just lost her virginity.  Her partner, a so-called best friend, snuck his condom off right before they started having intercourse.  He thought it was funny.  He thought maybe she wanted to have a baby.  She was 14.  I made sure that I wouldn't be breaking any rules by taking her to our local Planned Parenthood.  I found out that I was allowed to take her there, but I couldn't go inside with her.  I told her that I would take her.  She never did take me up on the offer, especially after she found out she wasn't pregnant.  But I'm glad that I have PP to lean on if another youth ever comes to me for help.

In short, I believe in Planned Parenthood.  They fill a vital, non-judgmental role in our communities all around the U.S.  I hope the voice of the people in every state holds Planned Parenthood up at this time of need.  If you can spare any donation money right now, please give what you can to Planned Parenthood.

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