Tuesday, February 06, 2007


i love this funny shirt that my friend Melissa found. Which is ironic...that i love it. Hmmm.
i love my little Chubber. Especially when he falls down and needs his mommy and lays his head on my shoulder. :( This happened twice today.
i love my R. He's all studious and cute, and plays volleyball and can jump really high. And we like the same shows and watch them at night while eating dinner. And we love to talk to each other and vent. It's great. Sigh!
i love that G and B is paying for our moving expenses so we don't have to. And we don't have to drive our car out, since that's also covered. Booyah!

i hate looking for a mover. I just want to pick one and have it be over!
i hate looking for housing sight unseen. I, again, just want to pick one and have it be over.
i hate the lotion i'm trying to get rid of. it's waaaay too strong. it's much better for just hands, but as i've mentioned in a previous post, i'm trying to rid myself of the excess bottles.
i hate the cable company. they're supposed to be here yesterday, but they aren't even here today. whatever.

i love/hate Arc of Justice. it's still quite good, and very interesting, but the topic is sometimes hard to face. the degree of racism, even still lingering about today, is staggering. i would still recommend it though. important stuff.


Melissa said...

It's entirely fantastic that your move is paid for. I hope that also includes packers. I hate moving with a hatred so deep that it cannot be adequately expressed.

I also have a love/hate relationship with looking for places to live. I vacillate between thinking that I'm going to find the deal of a lifetime (through patience and diligent searching) and the sharp realization that we're just going to have to shell out big bucks or live in a dump.

Also (and finally), I invite you to this picture wherein my understanding of loving the comforting the wee ones should be apparent.

kendahl said...

i have to agree with the caption of your picture, that it IS the funniest/saddest picture ever.
i'm constantly amazed by (a) how quickly Miles can travel from one emotion to another and (b) how the tiniest thing can be so overwhelming as to induce temper/crying. just a few minutes ago i told him he had to wait until i was done talking on the phone and then he could have it (which is pretty generous, since I try not to give it to him at all). he dramatically threw himself to the ground, bawled for about 30 seconds, and then saw his truck and was on his merry way. go figure.