Sunday, February 04, 2007


I just checked the weather on my Google account, and it says that it's 0 degrees Fahrenheit. this is without wind chill factors of any kind. and it's windy, let me tell you. so it probably feels like negative 50 or something out there right now. plus, the way the snow looks outside after being blown around is akin to how desert sand looks, all bleak and horrible. only here we're frozen, not dehydrated and sun stroked. and our windows suck. you can feel a frigid "breeze" while standing within feet of any window. they sound terrible too, like you're in the attic of a rickety country house during a tornado. it's kind of exciting actually. although annoyingly cold.

and poor little M just wants to go play in the snow, but his tiny face keeps getting chapped and bright red after only 10 minutes. so that makes him cry, but then so does bringing him back inside which he doesn't want to do. it's a hard knock life for that chubber.

solution: take your tiny man to the mall, before any of the stores open even, and then let him run down the shiny floors to his heart's content. we're not cold, we're not cooped up at home, we take excellent naps from being properly exercised and fed a warm lunch. this is indeed how the day has gone so far. the Boy is still napping peacefully in several layers of clothing, most of which are fleece. and i am trying to get up the courage to go and change into church clothes instead of staying wrapped up in this blanket on my bed, blogging.

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Melissa said...

Spring! I can't wait for it. I hope it's warmer there now.