Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm a peacemaker in society

So I discovered today that my life path number is 11, which according to makes me the abovementioned as well as idealistic, intuitive, avante-garde, a fixer, a mediator, etc. R is also a life path number of 11, but he ends up different than me because he's a Capricorn and I'm a Virgo. For example his Birth Tree is a Fir (the Mysterious), but mine is a Weeping Willow (the Melancholy). I think it's fun to read these things, but maybe that's just because I like mine. I can't fully enjoy it without thinking of the very likely possibility that even if I were to have a reading, a website is a far cry from the "real" thing.

p.s. Has anyone got a story about how they don't fit their astrological/numerological signs at all? I'm curious.


Melissa said...

I am (or at some point have been) almost exactly what the first site says a 7 should be. I think that Paul's life path number is less spot-on, though.

Melissa said...

Hey Kendahl...Melissa err.. Rogers I guess here! How are you girl! I've been looking for you every where. And look what I find, you are a mom!! How old is Miles?? Email me at if you want, :) because I can't figure out how to send you an email. :)