Monday, June 18, 2007

Some things.

So the last few days have been "fun", if you will. M decided to get a fever, a rash and a sassy new attitude all in a few short days. It's pretty amazing. Then today R comes home and M runs up to him and smiles and eats his dinner willingly. It's like he knows how to set up a good bit for his father. R to M: "Oh, how could Mommy slander your tiny little name? She's just making things up that aren't true." But I had witnesses today! Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt H all witnessed the gnashing of teeth and rending of clothing this afternoon.

Of course I love the little man, and I feel genuinely bad about his little viral infection, but the sassy new attitude is quite the new challenge for me, let me tell you. It's easier to give Tylenol and snuggles than to overlook your cute mini-man throwing a little tantrum. It was easy when he used to be this way, because he would still be very sweet as long as I was calm and tried to distract him. Not so any longer. It didn't matter how calm I was, there was a little fit to be had. It didn't stop for about an hour.

So we learned about "taking some time to calm down", and that sometimes Mommies need to do it too (which this Mommy did later). After M took a forced reading break for 45 minutes, things were good for about an hour. But then it went downhill again (something about "ice cream? ice cream!) I could feel the yelling start to come out and promptly plopped into a chair and explained to M that Mommy needed a break. To his little tiny credit he said "break", thought a little about it, and then started whining again.

I don't think I'll give him back though, or sell him to the highest bidder or anything like that. We read a book before bed and when Emmy kissed Timothy the lamb, M said "Mommy kiss!" and jumped down and ran over to me, making smooching noises. Then he quietly listened to scriptures and even knelt down by himself for prayers for the first time. R thinks M is also a wise little shrimp, and that he knows when he's gone too far. I think it's also that Heavenly Father made them adorable on purpose so that even days like this are worth it.


Bennett Family said...

It's just not fair that the boys are so good for their dads. When Jon watches the boys he can't understand why I am so frazzled at the end of the day. I restrain myself from any physical violence or outbursts and think I will leave him alone with the kids for a weekend and see how he feals when I get back. Anyway I love to hear about Miles. Also I don't have your number so email me at so I can call you and we can go to the zoo or splash park.

Melissa said...

Ooooh, Caleb just had a fever and rash and an attitude, too. I think he said "mama" FOUR THOUSAND TIMES (not kidding) during the four days he was sick, while trying to be my third leg the whole time. It was not a good time for our relationship. Fortunately, Paul is home during the day and knows the kind of torture his small son can provide.

I agree with you--they're lucky (or blessed) to be cute. Otherwise we'd all be in big trouble.

kendahl said...

I'm glad that you other mothers-of-toddlers can agree, because I was starting to feel like I was a little crazy to think Miles was actually worse during the day with just me.

Also, karma's a, you know, because after all my complaining about Miles's grouchiness, I caught the bug and even contracted Strep throat to boot. If Miles felt anything like this a few days ago when he was throwing his little temper tantrums, I can relate because I have felt like crying and whining myself. And I have :)