Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I suck.

I haven't written in this here blog in a long time. There are lots of reasons:
  1. I have been moving states.
  2. I have been living with more people.
  3. Those people are grandparents.
  4. I have gone on vacation.
  5. Those vacationing people are my people, and therefore stay up late a lot, resulting in very little time for me to blog as I need most of my free time for catching up on sleep.
  6. M has been sick.
  7. I have been sick, twice!
  8. R has been studying for the bar, which while stressful is not that interesting to write about. It pretty much sucks the same all the time. It's done at the end of July :)
  9. I have been reading Harry Potter.
  10. R got in a car accident (not his fault, but an 18-year-old's who apparently only looks one way when attempting to left turn through oncoming traffic), and now we have/get to buy a new car with our $6,200 check they are to give to us shortly. R informed me he wants a Toyota Carolla. My sister T informed me that she looked at a Carolla and a Honda Civic 5 years ago, bought the Civic, and doesn't regret it.
  11. We are scouring AZ for an apartment with covered parking, lots of storage, near a gym and a bus stop, a security fence, and located on the second floor so we can store R's bike. Plus lots of other things like a playground, no scorpions, blah blah blah.
  12. And finally, specific to this night, I JUST WATCHED HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Booyah!


Jess said...

naw you don't suck well maybe because you beat me to watching the new Harry Potter movie I'm going on Friday but that could just be jealousy talking. Summer is always so busy don't know why that is but you'll have lots of time to write in the fall I'm sure.

Megs said...

good luck with life! sounds hectic!

Matt & Kristen said...

Another reason why you suck is that you are not living at the Chase anymore... oh wait your list is just for reasons you haven't been blogging. Oops!

Melissa said...

Those are a lot of good reasons. Good luck finding a car (which you've probably, in fact, found by now). I both love and hate to shop for cars--I hope you found one you like.

kendahl said...

we're still shopping, and now can say that we've test-driven a Civic Hybrid. But we're leaning towards a regular Civic and buying some type of hybrid in 2-3 years when the technology is better. but then we think we should buy one now, since whenever you buy a hybrid there's always going to be better technology around the corner. so basically we're still very wishy-washy, and should just buy one already. sigh!