Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Lots of new things

A lot has happened in the almost month since I've written. It would seem that, as I indicated in my previous post, I still suck. But, amends are on their way, complete with all kinds of new life changes and digital pictures!

Firstly, R is done with the bar. Woohoo! I know that we don't know if he passed yet, but that's okay. At least he's not still studying and worrying. Also, there's a story to go along with the simple sentence that "the bar is over". I call it "The Stressed Out Days Before the Actual Stressful Two Days that R Actually Took the Bar":

It's the Thursday before the bar (which is the following Tuesday and Wednesday). We get the mail. One is from the Arizona Bar. They haven't received R's proof of graduation from U of M (who had assured him a month prior that they had it taken care of), and so his name was removed from the list of bar applicants and he is welcome to take the bar in February of 2008. They have been little helpers by already signing him up for the February bar. Thanks. We call the Arizona Bar people. We can't call Michigan because it's 7pm there. We call Michigan the next day, and they freak out and call Arizona a bunch of times, only to speak to voice mail. Michigan reassures R that they will fix it. Then they call and say they can't and they're really sorry. R and I cry, and M looks at us curiously as we explain that "we're sad".

We fast and pray that someone in AZ will soften their little heart and take pity on this poor R. In the meantime R checks his email to make sure he's not crazy, but that Michigan really did have his information and se
nt him an email telling him that they knew the bar application dates and would get his paperwork in. Once he finds it, he feels a little better, gets a little angry, and forwards his Michigan emails to Arizona and his Arizona emails to Michigan.

The weekend drags by, R studies a little bit, mostly out of fear that if he doesn'
t he'll have to take the bar unprepared and it will be just as awful as not taking the bar at all. Monday comes, we get a call. It's a 602 number! I freak out and run outside to give the phone to R. It's Emily from the Arizona Bar, calling because she read his forwarded email from Michigan and will allow them to fax the missing information and he can take the bar the next day. So basically we cry again because "we're happy", and R drives to Tucson. He takes the bar and comes home Wednesday night. At this point we figure that if he passes, great!, and if not he has the best excuse ever for not passing. Win-win.

So that's the bar story, someone's heart being softened can go a looong way.

Secondly, we have a new apartment. It's in AZ, close to a park and ride area for R, only 30 minutes from other family (a good distance), has 2 pools, 3 huge closets and one regular closet, a larger kitchen with more cabinets than I'm used to, is across the street from the library, and has a general feel of homeyness. It's also within minutes of Target, Walmart, Costco, the Chandler mall, a huge park, 3 grocery stores, and the church building. Church on Sunday, while at the most horrible time of 11-2 (guess what time M takes his nap?), was very fun. I'm hoping we'll like the ward so much that we'll stay even after we outgrow this apartment.

Thirdly, we have a new car. We really loved our little silver Hyundai Accent, but it got totaled. So then we got a check that was worth more than the car was and put it towards a new car that should last us a while, even with one more future child. It's a 2007 Nissan Altima in Dark Slate. It's a little bit fancy, but it looked so much better than the current Civics, Carollas, Accords and Camrys, and cost about the same, that we bought it. My favorite part of the fanciness is the Intelligent Key with pushbutton ignition. I never take my keys out of my purse anymore. The car knows. I can't lock my keys in the car or trunk, even if I tried. It's magic! Basically now we're super cool driving in our new car to our new apartment. Which brings me to...

Fourthly, I got a new phone. Is it hot pink? Yes. Does my new ringtone play "The Final Countdown" when I get a call? Yes. In case you aren't currently as cool as me and watch Arrested Development nonstop, "The Final Countdown" is a song by a Swedish band called Europe that Gob uses in his magic shows on AD.

So, bar, apartment, car, phone. And M is 2 years old (July 7) now and got lots of toys from two different parties, one in AZ and one in CA. The Snake Cake (below, cake courtesy of Ga/Grandma) was in Arizona, and there was a Bird Cake in California (which I drew myself, thank you very much). Hooray for summer! And new things! And cake! And more posts!


angelic pursuits said...

Oh, Kendahl, what a nightmare (with the bar)! It was rough enough to have Brian take it. I can only imagine what it must've been like for you two. If it helps any, we have no idea if Brian passed either. And congrats on the new apartment and car!

kendahl said...

thanks, and it wasn't sooo bad, just stressful at the time. now it's over and we have a good story to tell!

Melissa said...

Yay for the return of Kendahl! And the car! and the bar (which I just typed as "bras")! and Miles turning 2! etc. And: I am jealous of your phone, partially because we just got off a plane in Cleveland and I, like an idiot, apparently left my phone on said plane. Curses. Who leaves their phone on a plane? And why would that person, who never gets any calls anyway, even care? Good questions, self. But enough about me. More about you!

Paul said...

Also, I got a letter with a postage-paid return envelope saying "Check here if you can vouch for Ryan Millecam, the Musician/Music Teacher".

I checked in all those places, and sent it back the next day, just so you know.

I think the guy's name was Norman. Or something very white-bread sounding like that.

That is all from the p-funk.

Bennett Family said...

I love your apartment. Hopefully we will be neighbors. They just gave Jon an offer too! It was fun seeing you at the zoo. I just love miles he is so fun. Charlie asked me this afternoon when we were running errands if Miles was coming too. I think Charlie has a new best friend and Jack too.

Colter said...

Yikes! What a month you have had! so much stress and fun, too! Congrats to Miles on his birthday! Yeah for the apt, car and actually taking the bar!


Jord said...

Oh my craziness! That is so scary/relieving about the bar and I'm glad that he got to take it! Fun for your new place and car and we'll definitely have to come over for a visit. I will call you this next week. It's a promise...or more of a threat? :)

M. Barlow said...

Doo-do-do-dooo... d-d-do-do-do... (final countdown).

kendahl said...

Just to let any and all AD fans know, Miles has been singing along with my ringtone. He knows that it makes me laugh, so he goes "final coun-dow!" and then looks at me and giggles. I'm so proud! *single tear*