Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally, a virtual onramp to the information superhighway of my very own.

After much ado, there is now a cheap and slow internet connection available at the house. Remember when things used to actually plug into the wall? That's what this literal connection entails. It's just plain weird. Still, it's worth it to be able to do really productive things like how right now I should be sleeping, but instead I was playing Bejeweled 2 just for fun.

I'm going to a jewelry party tomorrow night at my sis-in-law's house. I've gotten a little carried away with my self-proclaimed catering of said event and made 5 kinds of cookies. They're from new recipes that I've been wanting to try, but haven't had the excuse to use yet. I also threw in a pan of cheesecake brownies for good measure.

In case there are any foodies out there this is the list: lime-glazed cookies, lemon-glazed cookies, cheesecake brownies, checkerboard cookies, linzer cookies, and two-tone peanut butter thins. I think it's a nice rounded out palette of flavors, thanks to my obsessing over the "menu".(However, the linzer cookies aren't very pretty after my poor attempt to roll them nicely this afternoon, so I'm thinking of trying another recipe instead called apricot almond ruglach. They mostly look like little crescent rolls, but they're cookies. These recipes are largely from a book by Nick Malgieri called Cookies Unlimited. I highly recommend it if you ever want some unique recipes for baking therapy.) In other cookie news, I tried some cookies at a small little bakery across the street from the gym. The best of them was some kind of pecan cinnamon-sugar shortbread yumminess that I'm dying to eat again. But anyways, that's enough of my baking nerdiness.

M and I went to the doctor today: he has croup! It's been over 110 degrees most days this week so I wasn't wild about having to go outside to get in the car. But if you heard the barking cough this kid had today, you would've braved the weather too. M did really well, and didn't even cry! It may have had something to do with how we talked all the way there about what would happen at the doctor's office. My poor little sensitive guy. He's got my genes after all, even if he does have blond hair. And blue eyes.

I started a new journal a few days ago. It's for Things M Says. As I think of all the funny things M does say and then admire him again at the end of the day while I write them, I realize that I'm quite baby hungry, but scared that I might irreversibly screw up my little people if I have another one too soon. I've snapped at M a few times in the last few days, and it feels terrible. It's a good thing that I can apologize and he's so accommodating at the forgiveness.


Matt & Kristen said...

You are a culinary genius. I wish you were here right now!!! Talk soon! :)

Lani said...

Hey Kendahl, I just stumbled upon your blog the other day. It was fun to get a little update on your family. Sounds like you're doing great! Andrew is two now and I swear its the hardest stage for me so far (Eden's not quite five yet, so what do I really know).
-Lani (Dixon) Olson

kendahl said...

Lani! I can't believe that you found me :) Where are you? Do you have a blog? Are you on Facebook? Let me know.

And Kristen: shucks :) and i think i should be in A2 too.

Melissa said...

I am interested in these cookies you speak of.

(Also, unrelated: I like how blogger says "choose your identity" when you make a comment. It's so... sneaky. It's like Choose Your Own Adventure books, only even better.)

Janie said...

Your cookies sound so yummy and your right, it is a nice rounded out palette of flavors. Wish I could have sampled them all :) I will be finding this cook book you speak of soon! BTW baking is not nerdy, it's really cool.

kendahl said...

Thanks Janie, I think so too. The cookie book is great because you feel so fancy after you make some of the recipes. There's even a section with all these tea cookies, and another part where you can make different kinds of crackers. Again, I'm nerdily and super-coolly excited just talking about it!