Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Atypical Exchange

It is the third day of sickness at our house. The croup has struck M for the first time, and his cough sounds horrible! He's my little barking seal. I have to say that I'm glad he didn't get it when he was younger or I would've been more unnerved. His case isn't that bad though, and he seems to be running around like usual for the most part. We're basically running two humidifiers throughout the apartment 24/7.

Because of this ailment we haven't gone to the gym or most other places, since M starts coughing a lot in the air-conditioned, and therefore drier, car. So we've both had a little bit of cabin fever. This results in more-than-usual excitement over mundane things:

M, yelling at the top of his lungs:
Bianins! (this means "vitamins")
Okay, let's get vitamins!
M, still yelling:
Bianins! Bianins! 2 Bianins!
me, dispensing, well, vitamins:
Yes, we have 2 vitamins.
3 bianins?!
No, just 2 vitamins, here you go.
M, mouth full of vitamins:
More bianins?
No, we just have 2 vitamins.
M runs off to play with his vacuum.

later that day...

M, saying a bunch of gibberish with real words at the end:
gibber gibber blah, with cowors?!!! (the last word is "colors")
Do you want to take a bath with colors?
Naked a cowors?!!
Yes, we're naked in the bath, and we're taking a bath with colors.
Cowors!! Cowors!!

So there you go. Lots of enthusiasm for lots of things. This is what comes from having croup at the same time it's 111 degrees outside: you never leave the house and end up bouncing off the walls because of baths with colors in the water and some vitamins.


Lani said...

Hi again, Kendahl, we have finally decided to join the blogging world:

I love the way you described your conversations with Miles, it made me laugh.

Melissa said...

Too cute. I hope--for both your sakes--that he's feeling better. We've just had two weeks of forced isolation due to a mysterious, rashy viral infection, and all we got was increasingly irritable, not increased enthusiasm.

kendahl said...

Thanks, and we are in fact feeling better. And just between you and me, there were definite bouts of irritability in between the enthusiastic outbursts.

Bennett Family said...

We had croup too. I hate it but at least the weather here is humid and not as hot. I love the part about naked colors. That is so funny. Just think this winter when we are freezing you will be taking miles to the park.