Saturday, August 16, 2008

It was only a matter of time

I have started swelling. I'm only 18 weeks pregnant and I have to put my feet up all the time. I wish I could hover in a "feet up" position while I got things done. On the plus side, M is starting preschool on Monday and it's a 4-day-per-week program. He gets Wednesday's off, and on those mornings we have gymnastics. Lest anyone worry about the poor Boy: he needs this. He would probably happily run around outside/with other crazy kids for 4 hours a day, every day. In fact, I need to think of more things to get him into! Perhaps a swim class or a play group in the afternoons. Anyways, such is the life of the mother of a hyper blend of R and me (he never really had a chance against those genes).

We're down to the last 5 days before the ultrasound!!! I just know it's going to be a girl, if only because I bragged in an earlier post about how we were so decisive about names, and now the girl-name list is growing day by day while the boy-name list stays at pretty much one: Eli. The girl names were just Edie or Zooey, but now they include Grace (Gracie), Ksenia (said Kassenia, shortened to either Senia or Kassie), or Natalie. I suppose we've also considered Leonard for a boy. So this isn't good. By the time the kid is born I'll have top 20 lists with me in the hospital and be asking every nurse that goes by what my child "looks like". Sheesh.

At the risk of scaring anyone about my testimony, I'm still going to point out my new links on the left side bar of my blog (see "linky links"). Please don't feel obligated, as I know many people feel strongly against my political leanings. It's just that this is my genuine feeling right now, and if anyone agrees with me I want to make the information I have available to them. In short, I do not support Prop 8 in California, in spite of what the Church has said lately. I feel that the separation of church and state is violation, even though they mean very well. I think if you are like-minded to me, you will find the sites helpful in finding your voice. If you disagree, still take a visit and get familiar with the other side. I think it's a valid response, and the websites I have listed are very respectful while also in disagreement with the Church's stance. I feel very respectful of both sides of this issue as well, so you all know. (Soapbox complete.)


Kristin said...

OH Man, I'm feeling your frustration!
I started cramping around 20 weeks after simple household chores and grocery shopping, etc. My midwife said to lay down and if it doesn't stop within the hour, to go get checked. Well, thank goodness every time I laid down, they stopped by the time the hour was up. I felt like such a wimp! It didn't even hurt that bad, but I was so nervous for what could happen if I didn't comply. Drew was pretty good. I would just lay on the floor and play trains or read books with him. As long as I was keeping my attention on him, he was mostly ok. And Jared was good about picking up the slack, too. Nathan came out healthy and happy when I was induced 3 days early... mostly for convenience sake. I won't do that again, though.
And the names thing... just don't leave the hospital without a name... ok?

kendahl said...

Ah, so I'm not alone! Fortunately it's only happened a couple of times and the last few days have been better.

Anonymous said...

Was "Ksenia" inspired by Olympic gymnastics? She's had some intricate barrette designs.

I, too, have issues with Prop 8. I feel a lot of sympathy for both sides, but I have a hard time coming up with a tight argument in favor of it.

kendahl said...

I did notice the barrette designs you speak of. In fact, when Ryan mentioned this name when I was prego the first time, I thought it was spelled "Kassenia". Then the Olympics opened my eyes, both to the correct spelling and how scrunchies are apparently still alive and well as a fashion choice.

Prop 8 is tricky. I like reading what other people write about it on Mormons for Marriage. The one that resonates with me lately is: even if we don't like homosexuality, and even if we think it's wrong to act on, people who choose to act on it should have our support in monogamy. (I also find myself less convinced that it's choice to be gay. I'm pretty convinced that it is simply built into some people.)

Danielle Millecam said...

Congrats it's a .....fetus......Can't wait to hear the news!!!

Also I know when I was little the city put on classes for the kiddies at the public library. I took ballet and my brother karate, I wonder if they still have programs like that.

kendahl said...

They do still have those programs, and believe me this kid will be signed up ASAP! I think 3 is young for sports though because I haven't found any classes for his age. They do have gymnastics, but he's already going somewhere else.

HW said...

Kendahl! I still like reading your blog--especially when you post! Thanks for visiting mine. I miss dancing too. But I do NOT miss swelling with pregnancy in the summer. Oof! I feel for you, girl! I gained 20 pounds of water in the last 3 weeks I was pregnant with my twins. When they were born I lost 40 pounds. I just kept peeing and peeing. (That's to make you feel like there is a good end in sight...)

Good luck!

GG said...

I keep forgetting to ask what you think of some of those types of subjects. !!
I was in Primary on Sunday (as always) so I missed the lesson Chris went to given by the Stake President. However, the basic gist, -which I had truly never even occurred to me, and is already happening, -is that if traditional marriage isn't protected (surprisingly different from other marriages being allowed - as unfortunate as that may seem) then other rights that may not seem obviously associated right now are affected. This is truly life and society changing in ways that I never would have imagined. And really, when I was thinking about it, the only societies that could show us the results of this kind of change aren't around anymore or are failing (Norway (if I remember properly) would be an example.)) It's amazing how many ways the basic unit of our society really shows up as being just that. By small and simple things great things are brought to pass!
Anyway, back to the other, I wish I'd heard some of the examples to give better.
And as shocked as I was that the Church was participating in this, I suddenly understood a few things so clearly. I'm in the beginning stages of finding Book of Mormon examples that are hovering in my head and hope to have more discussion on this sometime.
And to dive slightly into the preachy side... When it comes the Prophet giving the guidance, we should ask and learn and use our intelligence as much as we want and can, but I try to act as he has asked until I come to a solution using the Spirit's guidance and consistent with scripture so that I feel satisfied in my heart. does that make sense? ok, the end.