Friday, August 01, 2008


Now it's really official, because I'm wearing my maternity pants. They don't have a panel or anything, but they are stealthily elastic-banded in the back to give this wiggly kid some more stretching room. I'm only 16 weeks, so I'm a little bummed that I'm already into the wearing of big clothes, but it also makes it a little more real. And that much closer to the January due date! I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl either. My sis-in-law is due in a few weeks and she's not finding out until the kid comes out, so I'm pretty excited about that. She's brave.

I'm very impressed with my ability to feel the baby kicking this early. I didn't feel M until about 20 weeks, and I felt this little person last week when I was only 15 weeks. So, skillz.

In unrelated news, we've moved! I love our new place which while being a rental is much nicer than anything we've lived in before. We love the location, the layout, the garage, the space! We have 3 bedrooms which is good since our family is growing, so I guess the move is somewhat related to pregnancy. I think we'll stay for 2 years or so and then look to swoop in and buy a house for an excellent deal. We were kicking ourselves 4 years ago when we were moving to Michigan. We kept thinking how we would be screwed with outrageous prices on houses in Arizona after graduating. Thanks crappy economy! We appreciate it.


Lauren Green said...

I'm so jealous that you can feel your baby already! And I feel ya on the maternity pants! I haven't purchased any yet, but I am getting tired of having my jeans pushing into the baby while I'm sitting at work. It makes me feel like I have to pee all the time =) Oh, and they moved my due date a little closer to yours! Jan 18th now! I still think the baby will come on the 23rd since I tracked everything so well, but doctors think they know everything!! When do you have your next ultrasound?

kendahl said...

That is close to my due date of January 16th! Holy cow :) I have my ultrasound on August 21st and I can't wait.