Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Come and see the Prego dance!

Hi friends and family,

As you know, I am a dancer. A modern dancer to be exact, and my first (and last) pregnant performance is coming in just a few days at ASU.

This weekend is the run of "Common Ground", an Emerging Artist ASU modern dance performance. My good friend from back at BYU, Sara Malan-McDonald, has choreographed beautiful work for us to see. I can only get a certain number of tickets for the student price of $7, so let me know if you want a cheaper ticket and I'll try to hook you up. Otherwise, you can check out this link for ticket information: http://herbergercollege.asu.edu/calendar/eventOne.php?ID=1324%3C.

Somehow I have ended up in a lot of the program: I'm the facilitator for the movement experience at the beginning of the concert. I helped choreograph the first piece called "Push/Pull". I'm also in Sara's solo project in all my pregnant glory. You should all come and see if I can keep my balance. There are performances Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon. Please support the local arts!

Below is the email I got from Sara explaining a little more about the concert and it's choreographers. They have all worked so hard. I hope to see some of you there! Feel free to email me with any questions or write a comment here on the blog.

Dear Friends and Family,

I am very proud to invite you to Emerging Artist 1, October 24th- 26th presented by ASU Herberger College Dance's MFA students, Sara Malan-McDonald and Holly Wooldridge. Sara Malan-McDonald and Holly Wooldridge find common ground in their thesis projects as they question: who gets to dance, how do we frame dance and how do we experience contemporary dance?

Holly Wooldridge explores the dancer's experience in relationship to Antonio Damasio's ideas on consciousness in two unique and kinetic pieces: The Feeling of What Happens, set to the music of French composer Francis Dhomont, is an intimate journey that explores the complexity of human consciousness. Light, a key component in the piece, serves as a metaphor for a heightened level of awareness. It sculpts our focus, confronts the performers, and defines the space we all inhabit. You Are Here was created in collaboration with nine members of the Mesa Center for the Arts Off Center Dance Company in a site-specific piece set in a long hallway outside the Dance Studio Theatre. As the nine dancers manipulate their way in, out and through the space, they transform it from a boring campus hallway into an energetic, colorful space that shrinks and expands with the directional tug and pull of movement.

Sara Malan-McDonald strongly believes that everyone has a story and each story deserves telling. She explores and encourages storytelling through movement in two collaborative dance works: Push / Pull is a collaborative, inter generational dance project exploring relationships of power in the classroom and studio. This highly physical and emotional work offers an insider's view of performers' experiences in the roles of teacher and student and encourages audience members to examine alternatives to an authoritarian teaching model. A Place of Crossing, choreographed by Mary Fitzgerald, is a physical exploration of Sara's personal spiritual journey. Accompanied by a chorus of individuals who have been present at places of crossing throughout her life, Sara wrestles with making sense of her life at this time of change. Watch for gestures inspired by Buddhist and Christian iconography.

For more information regarding the process of my thesis project I encourage you to visit my blog: http://saramfa.blogspot.com/
Tickets can be purchased online, via phone or at the door.


Hubers said...

Good luck with your dance. I'm sure it will be great!

gretchen said...

I wish I could be there!! I think it's awesome that you are so invovled with the show. Be sure to post some pictures and let us know how everything went.

k said...

Thanks y'all. I'm really excited about it. The pieces are beautiful, and there's nothing quite like a live shindig.

Camille said...

I totally want to come! Let me see who I can gather to come with me. I actually really really really like modern dance performances! Yeah for you! Count me in- I will text you with the date and number lol

k said...

sweet lol!

GG said...

so neat, I wish I could go!