Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Quiz from twilightersanonymous.com

I'm a Bella! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!


Carrie Merino said...

I'm an Esme!

Shane & Nikki said...

Specific recommendations from Jenny Lewis' Acid Tongue Album (it's hard, seriously you need the whole album):

"Sing a Song For Them"
"Acid Tongue"
"Jack Killed Mom"

Off her last album:
"Rise Up With Fists!"
"You Are What You Love"

Hubers said...

I'm Esme too...don't have a clue who she is, but that's who I got. Think it fits?

McDonalds said...

I am a Roslie or is it Rosalie... The description seems to fit well enough. I have to admit, I am pretty in to taking quizez that tell me which heroine I am most like as of late, so of course I took the bait...anything to postpone my school responsibilites. I am totally unfamiliar with the Twilight series, other than knowing it is a series about a vampire named Edward. Hmmm.

k said...

Shane and Nikki, the CD is on my wishlist. I trust you :)

Sara, if you read the books you will get sucked in!! I have the first 2 if you want to borrow...