Wednesday, November 26, 2008

E Update

We had another ultrasound today and got, yet again, not much news: E still has cleft lip and palate. It still looks like bilateral cleft lip, and unilateral cleft palate. His movement is good. He is measuring within normal limits (about a week to a week and half ahead of schedule.) He weighs about 6 lbs. 5 oz. My amniotic fluid level is good. I'm not dilating or effacing at all, so no baby today at least. :)

There was new information on the kidney issue, but whether or not it is a horseshoe kidney is still debatable. We have to wait to get that one ruled out. They just can't tell if he has two kidneys, or one big kidney. It is too hard to see on that wiggly little guy. So we will have a renal ultrasound and get a few answers when he is born.

However, they DO know now that the fluid-filled cysts he has in his kidney is only in one of the kidneys (as long as there are, in fact, 2 kidneys). The kidney that has the cysts is now manifesting specifically as a "Poly-Cystic Kidney". Treatment is basically nothing. E will get renal ultrasounds to track the cysts. They should observe the cysts shrinking away into nothing over time. It could take a few years, but they shouldn't be painful or cause any problems. Apparently we are supposed to get a pediatric nephrologist (sp?), not a regular one. (Worst case scenario: they DO cause problems and he has a kidney removed.) Good news: his other kidney has no cysts, is in the right place, is functioning normally. So there you go.


Hubers said...

I guess the more you know, the better. How far along are you now?
Thanks for keeping us updated!

k said...

I'm about 35 weeks or so, but I think he's coming a little early. Unfortunately that means the week of Christmas, but oh well. :) At least he'll be big and I won't worry too much about him losing weight if he does (from the feeding issues.)

Joan said...

I think cleft lips are sexy...hey, look at Joaquin Phoenix :)
Glad that your baby is healthy (ultimately).
PS: commented on your gay marriage post--fyi.