Monday, April 20, 2009

Little Boys

First there was the mud in the backyard. Oh how M loves to scoop it in a bucket and stir it with a stick. And then laugh. And then say that he's cooking chocolate. And then add sidewalk chalk to it. And then reach in and smear chalk/mud paste all over his hands, arms, face and legs.

Then there was the catching of the cricket. And the giggling as the cricket crawled up his arm and onto his neck and eventually onto his face. M loved it! He thought the little cricket was his friend and was "tickling him to be funny". It was so cute, but I had to fight back the heebie-jeebies while I watched. Blah!
I was amused by the previous shenanigans. Not so for our final event. I heard the explanation "I need to practice my climbing" as I was talking to my sister on the phone. She can attest to my horror as I realized that he was talking about scaling the wall outside by holding onto the DirecTV cable and pulling it nearly off the roof. Then when that didn't work, he tried the wires connecting our AC unit to the house. There was much fear and trembling when I caught M, put him in time out, and then quizzed him on what we could and could not play with in the backyard. Sheesh. I forget sometimes that he is only 3. Nothing was damaged, so he was easily forgiven. Lucky him. A K without an air conditioner is more grouchy than usual.


Kristi said...

Oh those rascally little boys! I love, love, love them! M should be nicknamed Spiderman! :)
I should have journaled the many escapades of our little men! Seriously, there is little down time and rarely a dull moment with boys. :)
Keep those blogs coming. It is fun to read and provides a great journal for the future! :)

Hubers said...

I forget he's only 3 too...he looks like such a big boy!!
Good luck...Boys will be boys, trust me!