Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Soapbox, again.

I have harped on this a lot, but here it goes again. We have to be more careful about the things we put in/on our bodies. Just because one product cannot kill you with trace amounts of carcinogens (cancer-causing ingredients), does not mean that all the products you use on a daily basis cannot cumulatively give you cancer. Yikes. Check your household products on the Skin Deep database on the Environmental Working Group website linked on my sidebar.

Also, read this blog post which basically sums up what I think about these issues. I know there is nothing I can do about the past, but I sure get frustrated that I did not know this stuff when M was a baby. Grrrrrr.


Jacque said...

That's interesting. No Tears shampoo actually makes my daughter's hair break in my hands when I'm running my fingers through it. It also made my last baby break out in a red rash all over his head. I use Young Living kids shampoo now, ph balanced and all natural... I need to learn more about all the other stuff out there, though. It seems contradictory when we're still eating things like meat and sugar. It would be nice if companies really made a bigger effort to just make safer, healthier products. I just heard of a friend's baby that was not allergic to their family cow's milk, but was allergic to any other because it contained Penicillin that was given to the cows. It goes waaay back.

k said...
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k said...

So true. I have toyed with the idea of buying raw milk. My only hangup is the price (I think about 10 dollars a gallon.) We use Castille soap for shampoo, and other mild soaps for hand-washing and cleaning products. I like simplifying.