Monday, June 22, 2009

Things M says (Part Five)

While playing with a butterfly, it says "butter! butter!"
While playing with a ladybug, "lay, lay, lay!"
While playing with a caterpillar, "cater, cater!"

Also, while playing with a pile of river rocks we bought at the craft store, he says "ahhh!" for each one jumping off a ledge. They are rocks playing Wipeout. I am pretty sure that in M's mind they are smacking into the big balls and then splashing down into the water. He also sometimes does the announcing, utilizing such phrases as "oh, that's gotta hurt!" and "oh man!"


aaron&marianne said...

i should go get some of those river rocks- sounds like good imaginitive play

Brittany said...

I love M's announcing comments, hilarious

Kristi said...

The imagination of a child...I LOVE IT! :)