Friday, September 04, 2009

M's Happenings

M has started his second year of preschool and he loves it just as much as last year. It is several days a week and M is happy as a clam to be off doing his own thing all important and independent. Here he is overcome with excitement the first morning of the new school year. I don't know if you can see his face in this picture, but it captures the whole scenario perfectly. Priceless!

Once we got to his new classroom, we met his new teacher and he filed on in with the other backpacked kids. It was obviously a sunny morning.
We also have started M in gymnastics, mostly because he was so bored in the summer and they were the cheapest class around. Alright, it is also because M is particularly kinesthetic and lives his life in a virtual gymnastics-class-type fashion. Why not put him in the real thing, get him some mentoring and instruction, have him play with other kids, nurture his budding talent, and have him sleep well twice a week guaranteed? It is really a treat to see how well he takes to it. It warms my little personally kinesthetic self. Here is the smiling child hanging from one of the bars.

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