Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Things M Says (Part 11)

M (while playing with plastic fake food): "Mom, Pear is 45 years old. He's old! But Cucumber (singing) is 4 like meeeee! We are both 4!!"
me: "Wow, that's so cool that you and Cucumber are the same age. Do you go to preschool together?"
M: "Yeah. Hey, mom?"
me: "Huh?"
M (while eating a REAL plum): "This pear," (the fake one) "doesn't know this plum." (the real one)
me: "Well, maybe you could introduce them, tell Mr. Pear that 'This is Plum, he's nice'."
M (looking at me like I am insane): "Mom, this plum doesn't have a face."

Oh, well, of course. Duh. Don't I know the Food Pretending Rules?

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Kristi said...

Hello-o-o-o-o..... Get with the program Mom! :)

I love M and all the funny things he says!