Tuesday, November 17, 2009



E is not the best pooper in the world. It has stressed me out lately. Everyone should go at least once a day. After all, it is toxic stuff and needs to get out of your body. I have tried giving E more liquids, prune juice, fibrous foods. I have tried taking grains out of his diet, and yolks, and chicken. Basically E was, and still is, just having fruits and veggies, breast milk, and water. He would still only go once every other day at best, but it was little and dry-looking.

So we started E on 1/16 teaspoon of magnesium, daily. We have had to gradually increase up to 1/4 teaspoon per day, since E seems to be a little magnesium magnet. In fact, that is how E's chiropractor (Dr. Ross, who is simply wonderful) described people like E: they are magnesium magnets. There is a theory that because soil is less mineral-rich in general, that certain bodies need supplementation to function. I am hoping 1/4 tsp. is the magic number for little E. So far so good.

If anyone out there has a similar problem with their kids (or themselves!), before you turn to Miralax or some other laxative or fiber supplement, give magnesium a try. Specifically, try the brand E is using which is very easily absorbed after being fizzed in hot water, yummy tasting (flavored with stevia and citrus), is also a calcium supplement, and is about $20 for a big tub which will last at least a year: Peter Gillham's Natural Vitality Natural Calm.

(I am going to start taking it as well, since I have high stress levels, and I do not drink milk anymore. I will be buying a tub from the chiropractor soon, so if anyone in AZ wants a tub just let me know and I will be there in a week or so purchasing. Anyone else, just go to the website above and find a vendor in your area.)


GG said...

Don't forget to take your Vit A/D to make sure you are both absorbing the minerals. :) I found out that our bodies make Vit K2 when we are nursing but only (?) for our milk... so that should be fine for him at least.

You know what's funny to me, is what my emotional state is like when I go for chocolate. I've wondered if it was because of the magnesium- it's definitely not for the sugar.

k said...

That's interesting about the chocolate craving. I'll have to experiment and tell you if my chocolate cravings go down. :)

If I am taking fish oil in the morning with the magnesium, that should be doing the trick right? K2 is in good oils, right? (For now I have the Nordic Naturals fish oil until I run out and finally buy the better cod liver oil capsules I have wanted for a few months now from Quantum.)

McDonalds said...

I'm sold. Have you headed to the chiropractor yet? If not pick me up a tub. If so, let me know when you will go next. Thanks.

k said...

I was there today and bought my tub for $19 :) but since e is having surgery, we are planning on another visit next monday and I can get you (and my MIL!) one each then. they come in lemon, raspberry and orange flavors.