Tuesday, June 20, 2006

strange movies you should all see

Mystery Men is a very ridiculous movie that i happen to love. i was introduced to this choice movie back at BYU when i was dating R. he and his roommates (P and J) somehow got me to see it and i fell in love. i remember that P's sister, HATED it and warned me about my agreement to see it. i admit it's weird, it's hated by some, but mostly it's just a heartwarming tale of some misfit superheroes and their wacky adventures.

this movie is also loved by my husband R (obviously) who for the first time, was a real father on Father's Day this year. so i subsequently bought him (among other things like a striped tie and some reese's pb cups) a DVD copy of this movie and am currently watching it. it's so funny! just to give you a taste of it: Ben Stiller (aka Mr. Furious) is currently apologizing to William H. Macy (The Shoveler) very angrily, and then asks him if he's seen his address book since he stormed off. "It's denim, says 'hang loose' on it, picture of a kitten..." Yeah, like i said, ridiculous. yet funny. I challenge you to go and rent this movie and see what i mean. some of you may have already seen it, and for this i commend you.

other shows i've been watching and enjoying lately: Twin Peaks Season 1 (very david lynch-y), Whale Rider (SO exellently good), Serenity (visually cool looking), The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe (definately did justice to one of my favorite books), and Seinfeld Season 6 (always a pleasure, regardless of season number). On it's way from netflix as we speak is The Office, which ryan and i have both never seen. we tend to like renting things from TV to watch after The Boy goes to bed and R is home from work but homework free (for the next 2 months). we rent tv shows because we have no tv stations to speak of, not even basic cable. as long as you're willing to wait for your favorite shows to be released on DVD it's quite the money-saver. plus, no commercials!

well, the mystery men are about to go have their end-of-movie battle with the evil Casanova Frankenstein, and i must give moral support. happy viewing :)


Paul Huff said...

"Honey, you shovel better than any man I've ever known, but that does not make you a super hero."

That's my favorite line.

kendahl said...

"A trifle strident with that bit of crumpet weren't you Furious?"

One of may favorites. Along with:

"When you can balance a tackhammer on your head, then you can head off your foes with a balanced attack."

Melissa said...

Please tell me some more convincing arguments about netflix. I want to be persuaded.

Paul Huff said...

I also like:

"Why am I wearing these watermelon on my feet?"

"I don't remember telling you to do that."