Thursday, June 15, 2006

weekend in sedona

last weekend i made the decision to abandon my baby for a few hours and join R at his work's weekend retreat in sedona. sedona is in the middle of red rock country. so grandma came to babysit and i drove up there and met lots and lots of very accomplished people. i kind of felt like i was at a bizarre job interview. at the end of the summer, based on R's work the next 8-10 weeks, they might offer him a job for post-graduation. so i felt like maybe i could sweeten the deal for them if they met me and i was wonderfully witty and memorable, etc. hopefully this was accomplished, because i started having such a good time with those crazy folks that i mostly forgot my goal to be charming and instead just laughed with them all night. those attorneys know how to have a good time, who knew! here is my report:

1pm: M is down for a nap, grandma arrives, i depart and drive for two hours. about 1 hour into the drive i get cut off by a grandpa and honk angrily at his boat of a car.

3pm: arrive to the hilton lunch deck where the "taco challenge" is underway. a young clerk is attempting to eat 30 taco bell soft tacos in 1 hour. he looks very sick. i meet lots of people, most of which are friendly and dressed in silly outfits made for playing golf (which they had just finished an hour or two before). R has ordered me a Reuben sandwich. yummmmm!

4pm: lunch disperses and R and i go to see our room. i change into a swimsuit and shorts and head over to the spa for my deep tissue massage. oh baby, i'm excited! R goes to the gym while i get my robe and flip flops from the counter. i change into the robe and head into the "stillpoint lounge" to find mental serenity while waiting for my appointment. 2 other ladies are there talking about their salt scrubs and facials. I read a book called "doing nothing and doing it well" or something like that. i feel very zen-like and wise.

4:30pm: my masseuse comes to get me and i finally get my massage. she is now my new best friend. afterwards she offers me a cup of cucumber water. surprisingly cucumbery.

5:30pm: in a relaxed stupor i find the whirlpool with the jets already running and sit in it for 20 minutes. finally i drag myself out to the gym to fetch R. he has done every lift available in the weight room and is then sore for the next three days. this was the most entertaining when he said "ow" for each stair he climbed at home after we returned.

6:45pm: changed into "business casual" for dinner. we go out for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. i meet a few more people, including a somewhat recovered taco challenger. then we all go to the dinner hall to sit down.

8:00pm: for the next 2 or 3 hours R and i are eating and talking. mostly i just remember being impressed with how much people knew about broadway. i've only heard of the show Wicked, but none of the others he spoke of. i realize that i am uncultured swine.

10:00pm: R and i are party poopers and go to sleep in our fabulous beds. best pillows ever!

4:30am: we get up to drive home so i can breastfeed miles when he wakes up at his usual 6:30ish.

6:30ish: we get home and knock on the door to see M looking a little confused as to why we're knocking on the door in the first place. 10 minutes go by and he starts clinging to both of us, having just realized that we DID, in fact, leave him at home and he's shocked and appalled.

so that was my first time away from M for longer than an hour and a half. according to grandma he woke up from his nap and was completely fine with us being gone. he stayed that way through the rest of the day, tromped around the house with grandma and grandpa, and went to bed like a good little boy. so i guess he won't die without me, and that's good to know :) more massages for me.


Claire said...

Kendahl, this has got to be your best post yet. I was trying not to giggle too loudly since I must still pretend to be working. I think my fave part was when you honked at the old guy for cutting you off. I completely agree with that. R never honks so I have to reach over and do it for him.

Also I loved the "charm them with my wit and insights" phrase, or whatever it was. I knew I liked you for some reason.....

kendahl said...

thanks for the props on the best post ever status. i knew i'd get fame and glory one of these days! and seriously, some people simply deserve a good you're-driving-so-badly-you-will-now-get-honked-at-extra-long kind of a honk. good for you pickingup the slack for your hubby :)

Jordan said...

Hi! I can attest that Miles was as happy as can be even with Grandma there, and I'm sure you can plan more get aways and massages in the future! Boy am I looking forward to that day. Finally we're having some sleep success, although the four month shots today may put a damper in the schedule.

kendahl said...

hey jordan, good luck with the shots. miles has only ever cried DURING the shots and then is back to normal immediately after. hopefully you'll have the same experience that we do with him! and great job on the sleeping; i'm sure it's starting to change your life slowly but surely. keep it up :) i'm glad that miles was there with you and his grandma both since he knows and likes you both. thank goodness he was fine. now i'll have to be brave again in the future.

Melissa said...

!4:30 AM! Will he ever know? Will he ever appreciate it? Will I turn into the type of mother who guilt trips her child(ren) by saying, "I went through nine hours of hideous labor for you! I haven't had a decent night's sleep since 2005!..."?

Also, my mom watched Caleb for ten hours one day and put him to bed while I went to girls' camp and got muddy. The next morning after he got done smiling at me when he woke up, the realization that he'd been ABANDONED hit him with full force, too. Funny, funny.