Friday, September 01, 2006

Ann Arbor is very arbor-y

so M and R and I are back in Michigan, and I'm LOVING IT! everything is green and blowing around in the wind, and the wind itself is actually a little COLD. Cold people, cold. anyone who is reading this in Arizona can appreciate the difference. I bought a green, light jacket for fall last week while shopping in AZ and thought how it would be awhile until I wore it, but that I would love it when I finally could. Well, it turns out that i'm loving said jacket today, not later.

i really missed Ann Arbor. it's soo picturesque here, and i love where we live and I love the stores and the university grounds and the parks on every block. it just feels so different from the west. i can't believe that we're moving from here in less than a year :( which brings me to the next paragraph:

R got a job offer! and he took it! hooray! and i really like the firm and the people i've met. plus R will get to do transactional work like he was wanting to. plus we're going to live in Tempe (where we lived this summer) which i like loads more than when we've lived in Mesa. it's closer (to everything it seems!), more diverse, it has a splash park and a Whole Foods and great library and great shopping nearby :) basically i like it, with a strong possibility for loving it. and we'll probably be renting an apartment there for the first two years of working.

so thems the news. i've probably been a little too vague, but alas, i am writing you all at the library and have limited time before the waitlist kicks me off. so please forgive any misssspellings and "fragments" for any of you English teachers out there. the end.

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