Tuesday, September 12, 2006

happy birth to me!

once, only one year after I met R and was currently engaged to him and therefore knew his family pretty well by then, i received a card from his younger brother. he wrote something to the effect of: well, i can't really wish you a happy birthday since it's not a happy day at all, but let's just say happy birth, and leave it at that. i still have the card somewhere. so yesterday was my birthday and i turned a whopping 26, which is "so old" compared to my younger sister's 18 years, as she told me so. but even though it was the 5 year anniversary of 9/11 i have to admit that it might have been one of my best birthday's yet :)

first of all, i got a package from my grandmother by a knock on the door from the mailman. then i went and checked my mail and got a few cards in the mail (one with money in it!), and then i checked the apartment offices and my mom's package had arrived. is it pretty amazing that everything i was sent for my birthday ACTUALLY ARRIVED ON MY BIRTHDAY!? also, my visiting teacher not only remembered, and not only came over to visit me on my birthday, but also made chocolate cookies and 2 cherry cupcakes. !!!

plus, the Birthday Fairy came to visit, and i came out of the deal with party picks (colored toothpicks), Silly Sweetie Putty (with the "sweetie" drawn in), neon straws, mini Snickers, Arrested Development (Season 3), and The Office (Season 1). and the real kicker was a Barbie birthday card from R declaring that i was a "special birthday girl".

then i got calls all day from various family members and friends. this might be the real reason i had such a good day. i have a talking addiction, and the best present is to have a really good, long gab-fest (as R can affirm and tease about). so i talked to my mom, my sister, my other sister, and my other sister, my sister-in-law, my other sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, and my wonderful huband. it was delightful, wonderful, birthday talking.

i then picked up r and we went to Potbelly's, which might make the best sandwhiches ever. if you ever go, get "The Wreck" WITH the peppers. yum! and if you ever happen to go the one by University of Michigan campus, AND it happens to be your birthday, AND you love Ben and Jerry's ice cream, stop by and demand a free birthday ice cream cone. double yum!

to top it all off, i LOVE FALL. especially here in Michigan where i could seriously live for the rest of my life just to be around all the misty mornings, bright leaves, cider mills, pumpkins, farmer's markets, and general amazing scenery and feeling. i challenge everyone to visit in the next few weeks to enjoy it with me. we can all stay in my 2 bedroom apartment.

also, as a strange side note: R went to football game last week (his first Michigan football game) and they have a new kicker named "Zoltan". i am NOT kidding. his name is Zoltan. and even though Michigan has only played 2-3 games this season thus far, there are already shirts out there on the fans declaring "Zoltan for Space Emperor". i almost peed my pants in the car when r told me this. i hope to acquire said t-shirt and share with all of you. the end.


Melissa said...

Happy 26 to you! So old! I would've joined in the fun and given you these happy wishes of 26ness on your birthday, but I wanted to stand out. Or something.

Apparently, Zoltar's parents had the same wish for him. ZOLTAR? Is this a first name?

Also, I, too, am deeply in love with fall. I want to come to Ann Arbor. I want to wear sweaters and walk outside in crisp air through piles of leaves. It's what I want.

Melissa said...

I keep asking myself, how is Kendahl doing? And then I check your blog and still have the same question. You're probably out jumping in piles of leaves. Jerk.

(That last part where I called you a jerk was a little joke. It's a very funny one, but some people who don't know take offense. So I thought I'd tell you so you'd know.)

Sigh. How is Kendahl...?