Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I've got the Halloweenies!!

I cannot tell you all how much I enjoy Halloween, and how happy I am for a dressing-up-and-trick-or-treating excuse in the form of having a one-year-old son. Because, you know, of course now we have to buy him a funny lion costume with a huge mane hood on it and take him out with a big plastic pumpkin for candy that he can't really eat, and so then R and I will have to help him. So while I'm doing all this helping, I might as well dress up as a witch and get my own plastic pumpkin, right? Not to mention my responsibility to decorate the whole apartment with orange and black things in order to "teach M about Halloween" several weeks in advance. Actually, that one is real. I DO feel like I should be more vocab-savvy with my M time. And now he can identify and say "pumpkin", or at least something like "pa-pin". So there. I'm am now justified in my bordering on nerdy excitement for this holiday.

My love for Halloween may only be (almost) rivaled by Christmas. Christmas is also coming up soon, and now that M is old enough to appreciate it, I'm looking forward to that too. I think this might be one of the greatest perks of having a child: getting to be a child again and having a great excuse! Plus, R and I aren't travelling anywhere this year, so we'll just have our own little family vacation complete with snow and a Christmas tree. I can't believe that next year we'll all be in Phoenix with the palm trees and the flip flops during these holidays. Weird.

And this goes out to my pal M: I have not jumped in any piles of leaves. But I can't promise anything before autumn is over. In fact, R's family (parents, youngest sister, brother and wife and child) are coming in a few weeks, and so we're all going to drive out in the country and pick apples and pumpkins and eat hot cinnamon donuts and cider. I cannot wait to see those two little ones pick apples off of a Michigan tree and then chomp them right there in the orchard. I'm already feeling like Anne of Green Gables just thinking about it. So basically I'm saying that leaf pile jumping is a distinct possibility :)


Anonymous said...

Dang, Kendahl, you might even make me catch the Halloween spirit. I have to dress up again for work this year and I have no idea what I'm going to be since my costume last year (SLC Olympics worker) was such a fantastic failure. I'm glad you can relive childhood things through cute Miles, and that you are teaching him some good holiday-related words. How fun.

Melissa said...

I have to admit that I am not in love with Halloween, and it's my mom's fault. It's because she thinks that crazy sickos can go around on Halloween as their normal selves and be all psycho and killer and put razor blades in apples and stuff. Somehow, her irrational fears have rubbed off on me.

However. I still plan on dressing small Caleb up (perhaps as a monkey) and gathering candy from the good people of south Provo. Anybody that gives out an apple, though, is going to get it thrown back into their psycho killer face, razor blade and all.

p.s. Have you visited hopeisemo.com? Because I think you should.