Sunday, October 08, 2006

Freaking out

well, last week i had a bit of a scare with The Boy. i figure i was lucky that R and I had been sick prior to this scary day, so that I at least had some frame of reference when the scariness began. M woke up Thursday morning pretty normally, although he'd been coughing and it sounded bad enough to take him into the doctor just to make sure. so i called and set up an appointment for after his nap at about 2pm. so before the nap I gave him some Tylenol to keep his mild fever down (it was about 100.3) when he woke up i took his temperature again and it was still around 100.

by the time we drove to the doctor and were seen it was about 20 minutes or so. when they took his temperature it was 105.3 and i just about died. the nurse even said something like "whoa, 105.3", which doesn't really help, you know? so (fortunately) i brought some tylenol and gave him more at that point, since he was due for another dose anyways. it turns out that the first dose i gave him was about half the size it was supposed to be. so all you Tylenol-dispensing mothers out there, please note what your child's weight is and make sure you constantly know how much medicine to give. otherwise your child may scare you to death and then proceed to cry uncontrollably in the doctor's office because of their misery :(

but don't worry, it all ended up just fine. the Tylenol kicked in and he cooled off. and then we went to the pharmacy and got Motrin and more Tylenol to get us through the remainder of the sickness. the only other part was that he had to go the hospital to get a chest x-ray (just in case), which he didn't like very much. but here we are, a few days later, taking nice long naps, eating lots of food, and playing outside with rocks again. not to mention, i've become a more seasoned mother and no longer fear (as much) The High Fever. thank goodness! the end.

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